Keyed Up, Canoe Caper, Wolf Cry?: Woodbury Police Blotter

Selected calls to the Woodbury Public Safety Department from April 9-15.

The following information was obtained from recent police reports.

April 9

A resident at the 1200 block of Paddock Trail reported that a 12-foot canoe had been stolen from beneath the deck of her home. The theft apparently happened during the fall, and she told police she did not know who would want to steal the canoe.

A worker at Applebee’s reported that a drunken man walked out without paying his tab. Police were able to contact the Newport man, who said he should not be drinking at all because of his medication, and he simply forgot to pay, and planned to go back and settle the bill.

April 10

A security guard at Woodbury Lakes reported two people at Victoria's Secret who smelled strongly of marijuana. They were gone by the time police arrived.

A resident who found a “suspicious substance” in a blanket she bought in St. Paul was referred to that city’s police department.

A worker at Ulta Cosmetics called police after becoming suspicious about two people standing in the fragrance area for some time; she told officers she felt uncomfortable. Another employee told police she knew them and they often spend a lot of money in the store. There was no problem.

April 11

Police were called about a possible drug deal at SuperAmerica. One man got out of an SUV and entered another SUV carrying a briefcase-like item, then returned to his vehicle carrying cash. The plate number workers gave police did not match the description of the vehicle and no other information was available.

The spouse of a man caring for vulnerable adults called police because her husband was intoxicated. He registered a .25 on a preliminary breath test and was transported to Ramsey County detox.

April 12

A woman who lives on Lake Ridge Drive called police after finding several empty bottles of vodka and wanted her husband transported to detox. He was without incident.

April 13

A resident reported seeing a woman who appeared to be “strung out” burying something at the base of a tree near Powers Lake. As the caller approached, the woman told her to “just keep going, keep going.” Police arrived and learned that the woman was geocaching at the location.

A resident told police she almost hit a wolf while driving near Meadowbrook Drive and Forest Boulevard. An officer checked the area but did not see a wolf.

There was a report of four juveniles throwing snowballs at passing cars near Radio Drive and Marsh Creek Road, but police were unable to locate them.

April 14

A woman who was house sitting at her parents’ home called police after hearing a “text message sound” from somewhere outside the Tamberwood Trail residence. The dog also started barking. Police found fresh tire tracks in the driveway and boot prints at the front door. A set of winter gloves was also found in the driveway. She was hiding in an upstairs bathroom with the dog when she called. She told police her parents had told everyone they knew that they were going to be gone, and she was not expecting any visitors. There was apparently no crime committed, but police logged photos of the tracks and gloves into evidence.

April 15

Employees at Plato’s Closet called police about an unruly customer who was being loud and disrespectful. The Newport woman brought in clothes to sell, and at one point dropped her keys on the floor. She picked them up and placed them in a bag of clothing being sorted by employees, who said they did not remember seeing the keys. She became upset when the keys couldn’t be located, and spent the next two hours looking for them. At the time of the store closing, workers called police because she had refused to leave and was causing a scene. She felt one of the workers misplaced her keys and refused to admit it. She does not have another set of keys to her car and police gave the woman and her friend a ride to the Walgreens at White Bear Avenue and Interstate 94. Two days later, the woman came back to Plato’s Closet and again caused a scene, threating to return to the store with friends and engage in mass shoplifting. She was eventually trespassed from the store.

A resident at the 2100 block of Cypress Drive returned home to find the door from the kitchen to the garage wide open, but it did not appear that anyone had entered the house. Nothing was missing.


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David Salchow April 23, 2013 at 03:38 PM
Not the best week for our public safety employees. False alarms and escaped perps prevalent this week. I was thinking about taking up geocaching this summer with my kids. Now I'm having second thoughts. Although, it's pretty simple to prove geocaching with your GPS device!
Kris Janisch April 23, 2013 at 03:40 PM
Second time in two weeks a geocacher has been part of a "suspicious situation" call.


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