Man and Pizza Delivery Guy Fight Over Bill, Knock Half of Pizza on Floor: Woodbury Police Blotter

Selected calls to the Woodbury Public Safety Department from Dec. 3 to Dec. 28, 2013.

Woodbury police blotter
Woodbury police blotter

The following information was obtained from recent Woodbury Police reports.

Dec. 3

A man in the 6700 block of Christian Curve found several empty methadone bottles while cleaning up after a former tenant. He contacted a methadone clinic. An officer provided him with information about how to dispose of the bottles.

A verbal domestic dispute was reported on City Walk Drive. A male was throwing things at his girlfriend and his mother heard the noise and went into his room. She told her son to stop and he yelled at her and punched two holes in the walls. The mother wanted the son to leave, but didn't want to sign a trespassing complaint. The officer told him to leave and he did. He returned in about 10 minutes. Someone called CityWalk management. The male was not on the lease and has caused problems in the past. Management signed a trespassing form, and a copy was given to the male. An officer told him that if he returned he could go to jail. The male said he didn't care, threw the form and left in his truck. The male's mother said he has a master key and apartment key, but the male denied this.

A $10,500 generator was stolen in the 11000 block of Riverstone Trail. There was a GPS monitor on the generator, which showed it was removed at about 4:15 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 1, and was now located near Gander Mountain and Goodwill. The area was checked and the generator could not be located. The person who reported the crime said the GPS was probably removed from the machine. Gander Mountain staff checked security cameras, but could not see the generator.

A man left his car unlocked in the parking lot of HOM Furniture, Slumberland Furniture and Ashley Furniture Homestore between 6:30 and 7:30 p.m. He didn't realize until the next day that his laptop was missing from the car. No additional information is available.

Someone from Carpentry Contractors in Waverly reported a person or persons went into a storage pod in front of a job site near the intersection of Bailey Road and Pioneer Drive and took power tools, hand tools and construction equipment. The locking bars on another storage pod used by the company were damaged in the 9000 block of Plymouth Road. No one was able to access that storage pod, however.

Dec. 4

A man at a home on Preserve Trail said during July, August or September of this year, someone took $600 in Canadian currency, a red rug and his wife's death certificate. He gave the police a name of someone he suspects. The person moved out of the house in November and the owner of the home changed the locks at that time. Officers searched the man's home, but could not find evidence of forced entry. An officer contacted the former resident, who said he already told the man he did not take the items. He provided his full contact information to police. There is a lack of evidence and suspects.

Dec. 5

A man who works for Robert Muir Security turned in a US Bank bag containing $410. He found it in the parking lot area of Sears and Pei Wei Asian Diner. There were a couple of receipts in the bag for Dairy Queen and Kwik Trip. US Bank is not able to track deposit bags, but said it was unusual to find receipts in a bag and the company does not have accounts with Kwik Trip or Dairy Queen.

A woman living on Victoria Road said her neighbor "has been removing snow and blowing it against the side of her house and windows," according to the incident report. An officer contacted the neighbor, who said he was not intentionally blowing the snow at the house. The wind was carrying it, he told the officer. He said the neighbor "is quite protective and complains about everything." He told the officer he will be more careful in the future.

Someone reported a person was "doing sexual activities" in a black sedan in the Champps Americana parking lot. An officer was unable to locate the vehicle.

Dec. 10

A man reported his trailer was missing and he thought he saw it in the 6800 block of Military Road. Officers contacted a couple of people at the location. One of the men said the trailer belonged to his employer. The license plate on the trailer at the location did not match the plate on the stolen trailer.

An officer tried to stop a Mercury Mountaineer for speeding, a passing zone violation and an equipment violation. The driver of the vehicle did not stop, so the officer followed for about 1.8 miles. The vehicle pulled to the right shoulder and then went into the ditch. An officer arrested the Woodbury man. He "showed signs of alcohol impairment and admitted to being 'drunk,'" according to the incident report. His blood-alcohol content was 0.24. He did not want to be interviewed and was booked on suspicion of second-degree DWI. Officers arranged for his vehicle to be towed.

Dec. 19

An officer stopped a Maplewood man and determined his license was suspended and there was a warrant for his arrest. He was arrested and his vehicle was towed.

A woman on Ashwood Road called to say 10 children were talking on Mud Lake and she thinks they should be in school. An officer checked the lake and said there were many people there, including cars and ice houses. No one was in danger.

A man and a woman met on Craigslist recently and she was staying at his home. "This morning they engaged in a heated verbal argument over money," according to the incident report. The man said she "threw a water bottle and lighter at her." She said he hit her with a tool. Officer did not see injuries on either of them. There was a syringe and a small amount of marijuana on a coffee table, but the man and woman said they did not belong to them. A trespassing notice was served on the woman. She left and so did the officers.

A woman was at Becker Furniture World and "became upset … about a refund," according to the incident report. A store employee said the woman has visited the store several times about the refund. She was issued a trespass notice. She said she would not return to the store and would contact the corporate office about her complaint.

Dec. 21

A man ordered a pizza from Domino's. When the pizza delivery man arrived, "a verbal argument ensued over payment (cash vs. credit)," according to the incident report. The man and the pizza delivery man struggled over the pizza and half of it fell on the floor. Officers talked to both men about dealing with disputes and neither person was arrested. Domino's will not pursue theft charges.

Dec. 22

An officer noticed a vehicle leaving an unloading area near a party bus. When the officer pulled the car over, the scent of peppermint was heavy in the vehicle. The driver had a blood-alcohol content of .019 and also was wanted on a warrant. He said "he was making out with a girl after getting off the bus and was not drinking," according to the incident report. He was arrested on the warrant and was cited for underage consumption. The passenger had a blood-alcohol content of .05 and was cited and released for underage consumption. 

Dec. 23

A man in the 2700 block of Mallard Drive another man tried to enter his home before realizing he was at the wrong address. Officers found the man at his home. He said he recently moved in and accidentally went to the wrong door.

An officer stopped a car because the license plate was obstructed and the registration was not up to date. The driver gave a false name and date of birth. "He then refused to comply when being arrested," according to the incident report. He was arrested on a warrant.

Dec. 24

A man living one Falling Water Lane said an ex-girlfriend left some items on his front stoop and "then said I just left a bomb on your front step." The man and woman broke up about a month and a half ago, according to the incident report. She continues to text and call him. She called him "approximately 60 times today," along with several emails." He said she threatened to kill him and herself in the past. When she said there was a bomb on his front stoop, he took the items to the dumpster and did not find a bomb. He did not want to sign a trespass notice. An officer explained how he could ask for an order for protection.

Dec. 28

A 18-year-old man was angry when he missed his bus and his sister would not take him to school. As his sister was backing her vehicle out of the garage, he punched the driver's window and shattered it. He then punched his sister "in the left arm with a closed fist." An officer arrested him and took him to the Washington County Law Enforcement Center.

yomammy January 09, 2014 at 08:12 AM
SO much FAIL in the above I cant even facepalm enough.
Tank Murdoch January 09, 2014 at 09:27 AM
Give me that pizza!


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