Man Sent to Prison for Covering Woodbury Woman's Eyes While She Drove Through Stillwater

A 24-year-old St. Paul man was sent to prison after he grabbed a Woodbury woman by the neck in March and then covered her eyes while she was driving through the Stillwater area.

A 24-year-old St. Paul man was convicted of felony domestic violence charges after he grabbed a Woodbury woman by the neck in March and then covered her eyes while she was driving through the Stillwater area.

The bizarre and seemingly frightening incident came to an end with the pregnant woman driving in circles through the parking lot of the Washington County Law Enforcement Center while honking her vehicle’s horn.

Romeo Orlando Kerzel Davis fled the scene and was later arrested while trying to enter a condo at the Sunnyside Marina.

Davis was charged by the Washington County Attorney’s Office with felony domestic assault and a violation of a no-contact order stemming from a March 21 incident in Woodbury. He was also charged with making terroristic threats, felony domestic assault and violating a no-contact order relating to the driving incident in Stillwater. 

Last week, Davis was sentenced to serve two years in prison for a felony domestic assault charge and 27 months in prison for violating a no contact order for the incident that occurred in Woodbury.

He was also convicted of violating a no contact order as a result of charges stemming from his arrest in Stillwater, and sentenced to serve 30 months in prison.

Davis will concurrently serve his prison time for all three sentences at the Minnesota Correctional Facility—St. Cloud.

According to the police report:

Davis and the mother of his unborn child had gotten into an argument while taking the woman’s other child to school on Friday morning. After dropping her child off at school, the woman was driving to Discount Tires when Davis allegedly forced her to face his direction as the two argued.

As the argument escalated, Davis told her he wanted her to die, and he continually yanked her neck in his direction while she was driving. Davis then allegedly threatened to “punch her in the face and knock her out.”

The woman told police she became fearful of what was going to happen next, so she drove toward the courthouse.

While driving on Highway 36, the woman told police, Davis climbed in the back of the vehicle, placed his hands over her eyes, and told the woman “he wanted her to crash, and he wanted her to die,” because she wouldn’t name their unborn child Romeo.

In hopes of finding a police officer, the woman drove to the law enforcement center and “laid on the horn.”

That is when Washington County Dispatch was alerted to the situation, and officials saw the events unfolding out of their window.

According to the plea agreement, charges of terroristic threats and felony domestic assault stemming from the Stillwater incident were dismissed.

yomammy October 10, 2012 at 06:11 PM
shoulda gotten 20 years....
Washington County Watchdog October 12, 2012 at 08:03 AM
wow, all the more reason moms should have their permit to carry or in the least some Mace... Police can only show up after. Glad she and the un-born kid weren't hurt.


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