Police Blotter: Golf Gaffe, Mailbox Mayhem, Hold Down the Fort

Selected calls to the Woodbury Police Department from June 21-26.

The following information was obtained from recent police reports.

June 21

A Posh Pooch employee who had loaned money to a coworker for shears called police after she suspected she wasn’t going to be reimbursed after the individual was fired.

For the second time in recent weeks police were called about an abandoned boat on . Officers called the owner several times but only got a busy signal.

A resident at the 2500 block of Manning Avenue called police after a turkey that often comes into her yard was showing signs of injury or pregnancy. The woman told police she tried to catch it, but it was too fast. Officers said they didn’t have equipment to catch it and offered a suggestion on how to help the turkey heal.

June 22

A cooler full of beer and two skateboards were reported stolen from a garage at the 1800 block of Orchard Drive.

Silly string was sprayed on a window at a home at the 1000 block of Interlachen Parkway.

A resident at the 2500 block of Queensport Road who noticed fraudulent charges on his checking account called police to say he believed his mail had been stolen on June 12. That day he saw a rusty old car slowly driving the wrong way on the street and at the time assumed someone was putting flyers in mailboxes.

An Oak Park Heights man called police to ask how roundabouts function after his daughter was involved in a crash at one in Woodbury earlier in the week.

A $400 bicycle, which was not locked up, was reported stolen from .

A woman got stuck in an elevator at the 10700 block of Falling Water Lane. Fire and EMS personnel were able to extricate the woman; she was unharmed.

June 23

Police advised a resident at the 500 block of Falcon Ridge Road that a low-flying helicopter in the area was spraying for mosquitoes.

Police told a woman at the 1000 block of Tamberwood Court that they would not relocate a garter snake she spotted in her yard. The snake was gone when officers arrived. She was concerned about it because her children were playing outside. Police discussed other methods of dealing with the snake.

A couple that was driving near the intersection of Spinaker Lane and Valley Creek Road called police after stopping to let someone pull out and having a driver start screaming at them.

A resident at the 11000 block of Dogwood Road called police after receiving calls from man at a private number who made lewd comments.

June 24


Police received a report that branches had been cut off trees at and a portable toilet was tipped over. While on scene, officers were approached by a resident who said children were cutting branches off trees and building forts.

A “huge” mailbox was knocked over at the 1400 block of Tamberwood Trail. The homeowner said he saw a while 1990s SUV on the street that drove off when he yelled “Hey.”


A resident who called police because Central Park was closed was informed that summer hours are in effect.

Police were called about a fight at the 1500 block of Parkwood Drive. No one involved wanted to press charges and one individual was transported to and released to a sober relative.

A resident found a baggie full of pills along a path near the intersection of Lake Road and Woodbury Drive. Police learned they were chest-congestion relief tablets and disposed of them.

A stop sign at the intersection of Eagle View Boulevard and Halstead Trail went missing.

June 25

A North St. Paul woman called police after she received a call from a man who said he would show up at her Woodbury workplace with a package for her. The man did not go there while she was working, but did come later and spoke with a coworker. He was empty-handed and did not want to give his name or phone number. Police advised her to call if he was ever seen again.

Several mailboxes in the area of the 7700 block of Somerset Road were damaged. Eight mailboxes in total were damaged, apparently by a blunt object.

June 26

Police were called about a man who has been hitting golf balls in Colby Lake Park. A man told police he feared for the safety of children at the park because of the golfer’s poor ball control. Police learned who the man is and mailed him a notice that said he would be cited if he’s seen violating city ordinances.


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