Police Blotter: Juvenile Shooting (Pellet Gun), Man in Leotards, ‘Wedgewood Gym’

Selected calls to the Woodbury Public Safety Department from July 5-10.

The following information was obtained from recent police reports.

July 5

Police arrested a man suspected of stalking, harassment and third-degree criminal damage to property after he apparently knocked a mailbox off its post, slashed a trampoline and broke mirrors on a car at the 1600 block of Woodbury Drive.

Police were called to about customers who refused to leave. They had previously been cited for theft and when confronted got loud and boisterous and initially refused to depart. They were gone by the time police arrived and employees there wanted the incident documented.

July 6

A man who was upset because his post office box key wasn’t ready starting acting erratically and throwing items around the Woodbury . He “calmed significantly” once police arrived and completed his transaction without further issues.

A worker called police after 50 tablets of Percocet were stolen from her purse, which had been left in an office. The woman told police she had a suspect, but surveillance footage was inconclusive.

Police warned a household at the 3700 block of Monticello Drive that if residents there continue to light off fireworks that land on neighbors’ yards and homes that they would be cited.

A resident reported that on July 2 she was bitten by a dog at a park off Donegal Drive.

A Texas man called the after a fraudulent charge at the Woodbury showed up on his account. He told police he has never been to Woodbury and hadn’t used that card for three years.

Two juveniles were playing with a pellet gun at the 6200 block of Tahoe Place, and a pellet struck a girl who lives nearby. The father of the girl who was hit went over to the house and took the pellet gun from the two girls. A grandmother of one of the girls called police to say she wanted the pellet gun back that night. Police advised her to wait until the next day when things have calmed down. She did not heed officers’ advice and asked that police call the man to request that he return the gun. Officers did so, and left a message.

A man at the 2000 block of Lamplight Circle who has had ongoing issues with a neighbor called police after he was driving in the area and saw the man walking in the street with a woman. The caller told police he moved over so both would have room on the road, but the other man began yelling and waving his hands. He told police this was harassment and was related to previous issues.

July 7

Workers at the Donegal Drive called police after two apparently intoxicated men (they were stumbling around and could barely walk) came in and tried to purchase Vicodin. Employees refused and the men left; police were unable to locate their vehicle.

A resident at the 1400 block of Corral Lane called police after a ring, valued at more than $11,000, were missing from her house. She had recently gone on vacation and her mother stayed at the house and invited friends, one of whom apparently “hangs out with a rough crowd.” They denied taking the ring.

A resident at the 2100 block of Woodbridge Circle on July 1 had spotted a man standing outside his home at about 3 a.m. The resident chased him off and the individual fled on a bicycle. On July 7 the homeowner noticed a $600 bicycle was missing from his garage and assumed it was that man who took it.

Police went to a home on Manning Avenue South north of Bailey Road after someone dialed 911 five times. They found a woman there who was scared because her female friend was acting strangely. Officers gave her a ride to Denny’s in Oakdale, where she planned to wait for a ride. Police spoke with the other woman, who said the caller was acting strangely.

Family members at who were grilling up burgers were told that they can’t use a truck to transport a grill down pedestrian paths to the beach. They had no choice but to use the truck to remove the grill from the beach. Officers told them it would not be allowed again.

A Woodbury man was cited for disorderly conduct after he became extremely upset at on Eagle Creek Lane. He was trying to purchase a tape measure and started to yell about a gift card that was not honored at another CVS. Other customers dropped their items and left the store. An employee tried to call 911 but the man attempted to grab the phone and said he was going to call 911. Officers arrived, removed the man from the store, cited him and released him.

Police were called about a large fight at Lake Ridge and Brookview roads. A woman was reportedly punched in the face but there were no marks on her. The woman said she did not want to press charges.

No one was injured after a car went off the road and struck a tree near the intersection of Woodlane Drive and Valley Creek Road. The driver told police she swerved to avoid a cooler that was in the street. She told police a white Jeep was pulled over in the area and went to retrieve the cooler. A man from that vehicle asked if the occupants in the crash were OK, then got back into the Jeep and left. The car sustained heavy front-end damage.

June 8

Someone took the “Gym” portion of the sign from the old sign at (formerly ) and moved beneath the Wedgewood neighborhood sign so it read “Wedgewood Gym.” A community service officer returned the sign to the gym and advised staff of the incident. The sign was in the parking lot when it was taken. Someone also rearranged the letters after the signs were taken down, according to information from one Patch user. (See the photo with this post.)

A $20 bill and change was reported stolen from a vehicle in a garage at the 2600 block of Mallard Drive.

A man who had been ejected from recent games at the was again asked to leave, but he refused. Police arrived and informed him that field staff and officials there had the right to ask him to leave. He admitted that he may have been in the wrong and agreed to depart.

A resident at the 2700 block of Jordan Drive heard girls giggling and a then a bang, then more giggling, and found that his house had been egged. He asked officers to check at a nearby home that had had a bonfire the night before, but an adult there said the teenage girls never left the yard. The homeowner’s siding was stained and he was very upset, but did not want police to follow up.

Police were called after a man was seen trying on leotards at . An employee said the man asked what he should buy for a ballerina, and said she felt uncomfortable and thought it was strange that a man was trying on leotards. The man was gone by the time police arrived, and officers determined no crime occurred. One employee thought the man may have been transgender.

A home at the 2600 block of Windsor Lane was toilet-papered. The homeowner told Patch that “I was more upset that I missed the Grand Finals of the EVO World Championship Series because of it.”

July 9

A 2000 Alumina Craft boat on a trailer as reported stolen from a driveway at the 2200 block of Cascade Plaza North. The family had been out of town. The boat and trailer had been there for a couple of years and had even started to dig into the cement in the driveway. 

About $3 in change and two beers were reported stolen from a vehicle in a driveway at the 900 block of Moonlight Drive.

Police, conducting surveillance of the gas station saw a short-term visit between two subjects. Officers, in an unmarked squad car, conducted a traffic stop and found several marijuana pipes and a large bong. One suspect was cited and released.

Woodbury authorities found one burning Molotov cocktail in a ditch at the 6600 block of Bailey Road. Another unlit glass bottle with gasoline inside was found in the road nearby.

July 10

A $300 bicycle locked up near was reported stolen. The lock was also gone.

Police received a report of an unruly customer at who was swearing at children and everyone at the store. He left in a white Cadillac Escalade.  


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Beth-Ann Bloom July 14, 2012 at 01:15 PM
Tramp slashed, keyed up man goes postal,sign gym-ied
Kris Janisch July 14, 2012 at 01:21 PM
Nice Beth-Ann! Those are excellent. But "tramp slashed" is a little hard core. I really like the last two.
Carl Scheider July 14, 2012 at 02:37 PM
You have to love it when the police report is this trivial! Way to go guys! I wouldn't give back the pellet gun ever!
Beth-Ann Bloom July 14, 2012 at 11:05 PM
Kris you do realize that tramp slashed referenced the trampoline, don't you?
Kris Janisch July 15, 2012 at 12:59 PM
Ha! Yes, it was still just a graphic image.


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