Police Blotter: Trapped in Freezer, Lion Larceny, Stubbed Tow

Selected calls to the Woodbury Police Department from April 5-10.

The following information was obtained from recent police reports.

April 5

Two people came into and while one man was distracting an employee a younger man stole a $43 bottle of Remy Martin champagne cognac. The employee didn’t notice the theft until after the two had left. It appeared this was not the first time such an incident had occurred.

There were multiple reports of baby formula being stolen from . Together, $500 worth of baby formula was taken.

A man who recently broke up with his girlfriend started texting his previous girlfriend from a 4-year-old relationship. She wanted the incident documented.

A Woodbury man was drunk and belligerent during a taxi ride from St. Paul and the driver told him to get out and pay his $23 fare. The two eventually settled on $10.

April 6

Someone strung twine and ribbon across the intersection of Tamarack Road and Woodduck Drive. It was removed and disposed of.

Police were called after two women were seen piling clothes in a suitcase and shopping cart at and appeared ready to push the cart out the door without paying. They stopped when they saw the store’s loss-prevention officer and police were able to locate the women and issue trespass notices. The total value of the clothing was nearly $1,000.

A woman admitted stealing items from Walmart, while paying for others, because she wanted to keep some extra cash. She was cited for misdemeanor theft.

A resident at the 500 block of Falcon Ridge Road was issued a warning for shooting off illegal fireworks.

A resident at the 6900 block of Collingwood Lane sat in his car so it wouldn’t be towed. There was a verbal dispute with the tow-truck driver. Police arrived and they were able to work out an $80 payment; the car wasn’t towed.

April 7

Police were called about a group of men who smelled of marijuana at the parking lot. They were gone by the time police arrived, and the information was passed along to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Unit.

A mail carrier told a resident at the 700 block of Martha Lane that her outgoing mail had been opened. There was a rent check still in one envelope, but police advised the woman to contact her bank about the incident.

Checks, including one to a booster club, were reported stolen from a mailbox at the 7700 block of Somerset Road. A neighbor found the envelopes in the area.

Numerous pieces of old carpeting were scattered every 100-200 feet along Dale Road from Radio Drive to Mile Drive. It has been an ongoing problem in the area.

April 8

Police were called about an assault at . The individuals involved have a mutual acquaintance but do not get along. One man pushed another up against a wall and started swearing at him. He was not injured but wanted the incident documented for the purposes of obtaining a Washington County harassment restraining order.

Two hats and a swimsuit outfit were reported stolen from the trunk of a car parked at the 2600 block of Horseshoe Lane. The items were Easter gifts.

Two Chinese guardian lion statues, glued to the front steps of a home at the 2800 block of White Eagle Drive, were reported stolen. The statues were valued at $500.

Police found a sleeping woman curled up in the front seat of her car in the Walmart parking lot. It took several seconds for the woman to wake up after officers arrived, and police found an uncapped liquor bottle in the front seat. Officers asked the woman where she was, and she told them Coon Rapids. She did not know how long she had been there and an alcohol breath test showed her at 0.247.

April 9

A wallet and pool cue were reported stolen from a vehicle parked at the 3600 block of Sunbury Drive. The wallet was found down the street, but a gift card and debit card were missing from it. The car may have been left unlocked.

Police were called about a possible break-in at the 8900 block of Spring Lane. A man with a hammer was seen at the door, but police learned he was merely changing the locks.

April 10

Mail with checks inside was reported stolen from a home at the 7100 block of Victoria Road. Washington County authorities made an arrest in connection with the case.

A woman called police after she got trapped inside a freezer at the . Police contacted employees there. They let her out.

The responded to a dryer fire at Posh Pooch Pet Salon.

Police were called about a billigerant customer at . Officers learned he was upset with some documentation he received regarding a returned item. Officers mediated.


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