Police: Pick-up Lines Go Wrong for Woodbury Man

A Woodbury man told police his brother was assaulted in downtown Stillwater last weekend after he apparently tried using some pick-up lines on a woman at Rafters Bar and Grill.

A Woodbury man reported that his brother was assaulted last weekend after he apparently tried using some pick-up lines on a woman at Rafters Bar and Grill in downtown Stillwater.

Following a brief investigation, however, it was determined that the 26-year-old Woodbury man started the confrontation and was later kicked out of the bar. No arrests were made.

According to the police report filed on Nov. 24:

Stillwater police were called to Rafters on a report of an assault. When an officer arrived, the 26-year-old man who was allegedly assaulted was sitting near his brother—who reported the incident—but didn’t appear “interested in reporting or discussing the incident.”

Rafters security told police that the man was involved in a confrontation after he made lewd comments to a woman at the bar.

The woman’s boyfriend, a 30-year-old North St. Paul man, confronted the Woodbury man—who apologized for his comments but then insulted the woman again.

At that time, the two men fell to the floor in an altercation. Security quickly separated the men, and kicked the Woodbury man out of the bar.

During the confrontation, the Woodbury man said buttons were ripped off of his shirt and his necklace was broken.

The Woodbury man told police he didn’t wish to pursue assault charges, but was “adamant” that he wanted the North St. Paul man to pay $50 for ripping his shirt and breaking his necklace.

The Woodbury brothers were then told to leave the bar.


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