Taco Tumult, Man Eaters, Garfield Goes Missing: Woodbury Police Blotter

Selected calls to the Woodbury Public Safety Department from Nov. 13-19.

The following information was obtained from recent police reports. (Editor’s note: This week’s installment is shorter because of the holiday.)

Nov. 13

Workers at Acapulco called police about a couple that often comes in and begins to argue with one another, and after they started another fight on Nov. 13 they were issued trespass notices.

Nov. 17

A man who had a falling out with his roommate—a man previously accused of breaking a door and putting a hole in a wall at the Woodbury home—called police to report that his cat was missing, and he suspected his roommate of taking the animal. It was described as looking “just like Garfield.” His roommate had chastised him in the past for not spending enough time with the cat. Furniture was also rearranged.

Nov. 18

A man called police to report that two pit bulls had chased him near his home. Police made contact with the owner of the dogs, who did not seem surprised to hear about the incident and told officers her dogs do not like men. Police also learned that the Oakdale woman had three warrants out for her arrest and she was taken into custody. The dogs were transported to a shelter. She has a history of police contacts regarding animal complaints.

Nov. 19

A Woodbury resident called police after finding a man in a hooded shirt looking for lottery money his mother had won. The suspect ran out the back door.


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