Washington County Public Safety Roundup:Felony Drug Charges, House Fire, Terroristic Threats

Here's a weekly listing of crime incidents and police and fire related calls in Washington County.

The following is a collection of articles that appeared on Stillwater Patch, Woodbury Patch and Oakdale Patch the week of April 22-28. Click on the headline to read the full article.

From Oakdale:

William J. Blackstock, 52, is charged with making terroristic threats and attempted disarming of a police officer in connection with an incident that took place at a Mahtomedi home the afternoon of Feb. 28, according to a Washington County District Court Complaint.

From Woodbury:

Dana Earl Luellen, Jr., 42, of New Hope, was hit with two felony drug charges, while Danell Orlando Ceaser, 32, of Minneapolis, faces one felony drug count following an April 18 drug deal at a parking lot on Hudson Road in Woodbury.

Frank Anthony Santovi, 26, faces three felony drug charges following the Dec. 29, 2011, drug bust at a home at the 6100 block of Upper Afton Road.

Brian Thomas McCarthy, 25, was convicted of felony burglary charges stemming from a series of break-ins in Woodbury was recently sentenced in Washington County District Court.

The Woodbury Fire Department is the only one in the region to used a new tactic in which firefighters place high-powered fans at the entrance and exit, clearing smoke and heat so crews can more closely focus on the flames.

A fire broke out at a home at the 8600 block of Pheasant Run Road in Woodbury on Monday afternoon. No one was injured.

From Stillwater:

Susan Kaye Fredricksen, 65, of Oak Park Heights was sentenced to serve one year in jail and pay more than $245,000 in restitution to the St. Croix Chaplaincy Association.

Sara Meghan Henderson,40, faces felony criminal sexual conduct charges after she allegedly forced a 16-year-old Stillwater boy to perform a sex act on her.

Washington County District Court:

According to the Washington County Attorney's Office, the following people made their first appearance recently on felony or gross misdemeanor charges:

  • Robert Cortez Verser, 29, of Brooklyn Park, charged with a firearms violation
  • Jerelle Anthony Ellis, 22, of St. Paul, charged with aiding and abetting theft and aiding and abetting burglary
  • Steven Paul Juckel, 38, of Newport, charged with first-degree property damage
  • Frank Anthony Santovi, 26, of Woodbury, charged with first-degree drug possession and third-degree drug possession
  • William James Blackstock, 52, of Oakdale, charged with terroristic threats and attempted disarming of a peace officer
  • Laura Ashley Black, 26, of Forest Lake, charged with malicious punishment of a child
  • Mark James Peterson, 53, of Newport, charged with domestic assault
  • Daniel John Callinan, 29, of Oakdale, charged with second-degree burglary
  • Alexander Willard Rowan, 23, of Forest Lake,charged with reckless discharge of a firearm
  • Gail Lynn Sherrick, 58, of Oakdale, charged with second-degree assault, terroristic threats and domestic assault
  • Tracey Gennaro Gagliardi, 50, of St. Paul, charged with terroristic threats
  • Dana Earl Luellen, Jr., 42, of New Hope, charged with aiding and abetting drugs and fifth-degree drug possession
  • Danell Orlando Ceaser, 32, of Minneapolis, charged with second degree drug sale


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