Washington County Public Safety Roundup: Charges in Deputy Assault, Neighbors Bust Drug Dealer

Here's a weekly wrap up of crime incidents and police and fire related calls in Washington County.

The following is a collection of articles that appeared on Stillwater Patch, Woodbury Patch and Oakdale Patch the week of April 8-14. Click on the headline to read the full article.

From Stillwater:

A Stillwater woman told police that her estranged boyfriend burglarized her home, strangled and then threatened to kill her with a knife Sunday morning. But he stopped and then fled after her neighbors forced their way into her apartment.

After allegedly assaulting a deputy in Stillwater Township and spending two days on the lam, Tyler Robert Chute was found hiding inside a pullout couch, arrested and charged with a felony.

From Woodbury:

Kelly Marie Shropshire, a 26-year-old model, singer and actress who came to the Twin Cities after her family was displaced by Hurricane Katrina, died Monday following the March 29 car fire at Tamarack Hills.

Justin Alan Hanson, 20, of Woodbury, was sentenced to five years of probation after residents who live near the 7200 block of Braemar Lane provided police with an Excel spreadsheet documenting 104 short-term visits to the home since December 2010.

From Oakdale:

A Pine City man and woman were sentenced in connection with the burglary of the man’s stepmother’s apartment. The criminal complaint alleged that William E. Duffy, 43, broke into the apartment in May of last year while his stepmother was away caring for his father.

A man and two women pleaded guilty Thursday in federal court to passing counterfeit checks totaling thousands of dollars at retail stores around the metro area.

Washington County District Court:

From the Washington County Attorney’s Office

The following people were sentenced recently for felony and gross misdemeanor convictions:

  • Joseph Patrick Parisi, 27, of Oakdale, convicted of check forgery.
  • Alexander Kotlov, 35, of Newport, convicted of knowingly violating a predatory offender registration requirement or intentionally providing false information. 
  • Justin Michael Nash, 24, of Woodbury, convicted of check forgery. 
  • Shane Robert Lewandowski, 20, of Stillwater, convicted of stalking with an intent to injure.  
  • Robin Lea Dittel, 27, of St. Paul, convicted of fifth-degree procuring/possessing/controlling drugs by fraud or deceit. 
  • Satisuk Eng Lee, 44, of Oakdale, convicted of registering an ineligible voter. 
  • Justin Alan Hanson, 20, of Woodbury, convicted of fifth-degree sale of a marijuana mixture. 
  • Matthew Edward Rumpca, 39, of Newport, convicted of domestic assault. 
  • Kelly Yeu Vang Thao, 36, of St. Paul, convicted of identity theft. 
  • Duane Arthur Noles, Jr., 22, of Woodbury, convicted of fifth-degree drug possession and DWI.  
  • Jason Kelly Gordon, 32, of New Hope, convicted of terroristic threats. 
  • Ashley Ann Micheln, 19, of Woodbury, convicted of financial transaction card fraud. 
  • William Edward Duffy, 43, of Pine City, convicted of second-degree burglary.  
  • Heather  Faye Miller, 42, of Pine City, convicted of aiding and abetting burglary. 
  • Derek Charles Estelle, 25, of Willernie, convicted of gross misdemeanor domestic assault. 
  • Teng NMN Vang, 25, of St. Paul, convicted of a fifth-degree drug crime.
  • Scott Eddie Olson, 38, of Cottage Grove, convicted of invasion of privacy.
  • Dustin Michael Mcleod, 19, of  Lake St Croix Beach, convicted of a fifth-degree drug crime.
  • Joseph Michael Gardner, 30, of Vadnais Heights, convicted of possession of pornographic work-computer. 
  • Wayne Edward Forsythe, East Bethel, convicted of domestic assault by strangulation.
  • Derik John Zoch, 24, of Stacy, convicted of fifth-degree drug possession. 
  • Richard Allen Fahland, 24, convicted of second-degree DWI.
  • Harry Wayne Peterson, 53, of Cottage Grove, convicted of domestic assault by strangulation and terroristic threats. 
  • Rachel Agape Quaday, 20, of Lake Elmo, convicted of fourth-degree assault of a peace officer and second-degree DWI.
  • Robert Charles Shaub, 39, of Wyoming, MN, convicted of fifth-degree drug possession.  
joe April 24, 2012 at 02:52 PM
This is really all over the Internet Like im some Criminal? WOW, just blows my mind. Check Forgery? What is that, really? Long story short, Add on Craigslist, received a check and deposit in my account, still did nothing Wrong. It finally clears, and then a week later it comes back bad. I am at vault??? and Treated as I made a check of some sort. Brought to Court advised to take a plea or play Not guilty and If convicted Ill face jail......... Wooo I can’t face jail I have A family, a Real Job and A business. And now this is on my record and I am Treat as I done something Wrong Truly the system is sooo messed up. If they would of said hey just pay it back or work something Out I would have been cool with that. Now I have a Recorded as a Felon in a Category of Losers for the Life I have worked so hard for and they can try to take it all away!
Patty Busse April 24, 2012 at 03:09 PM
Hi Joe, Thanks for telling your story. I'd like to talk with you more about what happened. Would you be willing to email me at patty.busse@patch.com or give me a call at 651-233-0358?
John Fab August 06, 2012 at 04:11 PM
I have heard of Craigslist scams like this before, Sorry to Hear the system should really look into that and not give someone a sentance or charge, looks like they just try to get people into trouble, They are very Blind!!!


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