Woodbury Man Allegedly Threatens to Cut Off Wife’s Face With a Razor Blade

Robert John Krohn faces a felony charge of making terroristic threats.

A Woodbury man faces a felony charge of making terroristic threats after he allegedly told his wife he wanted to cut off her face, cut out her eyes and put a bullet in her head.

Robert John Krohn, 52, was arrested Jan. 19 after Woodbury police responded to a report of a domestic incident at a home on Lydia Lane.

Officers arrived, heard yelling inside, and entered the home and separated Krohn and his wife, according to the criminal complaint.

She told police that Krohn had punched holes in the walls and told her it could be her head, the complaint says.

He told her he wanted to cut off her face with a razor blade, cut her eyes out and put a bullet in her head, according to the complaint.

As the incident escalated, the wife called a friend and put the phone out of sight because he had previously taken it from her during arguments, according to the complaint. The person she called gave the phone to her husband and called 911, and the man heard Krohn make the threats.

The woman told police verbal abuse and violence have plagued their relationship for the past 25 years.

If convicted, he faces up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.


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Shawn February 04, 2013 at 09:26 PM
I'm totally shocked that you woud post this! Did you ever think of the the wife and the grief her daughter is now getting at school because of this article? Shame on you!
Zack February 04, 2013 at 10:31 PM
Cant believe this is posted on this site. This is such a terrible article to post and for you to be this graphic on an article puts you to shame. You have taken information from families and created an article where a young girl is being bullied at school (which you know is a huge issue here in America) and the information is being used incorrectly in this article. If anything happens to anybody involved in this incident you will be hearing from many people.
Jordan Reed February 04, 2013 at 11:46 PM
Are you kidding me? This is a "terrible article to post" and you are "shocked" this would be posted? What about all the other horrific stories that are posted in the media daily? Are you horrified at the new organizations that report on Sandy Hook , the hostage situation in Alabama? The writer is doing their job by reporting the news. News that affects your community. Stories like this should result in an ourpouring of community support. If the opposite is happening, I feel very bad for the people of Woodbury. Grief caused by this story is caused by people that have no class or compassion. Stop blaming, take some personal responsibility, address the bullies and/or the parents of the bullies not the free-press of America.
Zack February 05, 2013 at 01:12 AM
Well when somebody gets hurt very bad from this story I don't think you guys will be saying anything about how it was being posted to do their job. THIS story is causing the DAUGHTER to get bullied as Shawn said. When people get bullied it causes death. Sorry I have sympathy for the family involved in this incident. The community isnt supporting them when people are getting bullied. You can do the job without being so graphic to make others suffer big time.
JBHeart February 05, 2013 at 04:31 PM
@ Reed-I think the community should know all the FACTS before judging. The paper did not report on the 3 year lawsuit this family endured due to the city signing off on the thousands of dollars worth of deficiencies and deceptive practices left behind by deceptive Contractors and a local Real Estate company on newly constructed home. The family was left to try rebuild their life -right in front of this community. Numerous amounts of code violations and thousands of dollars worth of investigative efforts that this family endured and suffered through. While all turned a blind eye. Where's the story on this? I am sure this would be informative! Beneficial to those trying to create a home for their family. Once again here is the family repairing the damage again- Wow this is a great story! - hey besides a person's address and history exposed, lets ask that little girl how she feels about her Dad who she has loved her whole life and now has to deal with his breakdown. Do you get it- are you human?
JBHeart February 05, 2013 at 05:26 PM
I wanted to add- that I am sure that there are Protective/restraining orders in place. I don't see any concern or compassion in the article regarding the safety and the well being of the victims.
Jordan Reed February 05, 2013 at 07:34 PM
You people are clearly missing the point. You are letting your emotions impair your judgement and your arguments. Obviously there is more to the story and there always is. It takes a blundering idiot not to realize there is more to a story and it takes a blundering idiot to get upset with the writer and news organization that reports this. If you feel so impassioned about airing more of this poor family's dirty laundry write a letter to the Editor. If you would take a moment to understand the process of news disemination you would understand that all parts of the story are not always readily available to a new organization. This story is not the cause of bullying that is taking place. You people should be addressing the schools and parents of people bullying versus addressing someone that is reporting the news. If you have an issue with the way the content is presented, then argue that, don't go off on some emotional rant at the person who is trying to do his/her job. That is taking responsibility off of the real instigators. Anytime a police report is taken the media and public is made aware of it. This was not a routine traffic stop. This was a felony assualt/threat. The public has a right to be made aware of this. I hope you all are able to sort through your emotions and start holding the real offenders accountable. Good luck!
JBHeart February 05, 2013 at 08:54 PM
The point is- not all share the same perception! The message started here. This article triggers and starts the emotional out bursts- and the unnecessary comments in the school (e.g. bullying) you are reading the child being subjected to. The article comes off as a one sided- point of view. Black and white does not cut it for the victims side. Yes - emotional! This not a random street crime my friend. This is directed at a local audience- not main stream. You stated " It takes a blundering idiot not to realize there is more to a story and it takes a blundering idiot to get upset with the writer and news organization that reports this". REALLY - IT starts here, they need to relay the facts accurately and if so intelligent they can create a respectful story without the graphic descriptions and hype. This isn’t a tabloid. Family is emotional - a reputation in a community can be ruined by one wrong word. Once you plant the seed -it travels, creating and feeding a gossip mill of falsehoods about people you don't even know. And you can’t reverse that damage. People are not all the same-and believe and feel what they want how they want- it's not as structured and desensitized as you come off. If you and they think you can write whatever and are offended that people actually care about the message-then this should be seen by those only that share your point of view. You can be honest without destroying everyone with the message.


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