Woodbury PD Blotter: Aug. 5-10

Break-ins, possible drug activity, missing dog among recent calls to Woodbury police.

The following information was obtained from recent police reports.

A Woodbury resident called police on Aug. 5 to report that he suspected his neighbors of cooking methamphetamine. He told police he smells a foul odor at about 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. each day, and there is a lot of short-term traffic at the home. The smell is “halfway between fish and cat urine.” He told authorities he would keep a log of vehicles. (The address was redacted from the report.)

A resident at the 400 block of Woodduck Place called police on Aug. 5 to ask for help finding her escaped chinchilla. An officer found it under a nearby tree and returned the animal to its owner.

Police were called to the Payless Shoesource on Hudson Road on Aug. 6 after a shopper saw a man come in, take his shoes off, put on a new pair, and leave. Police checked the area but couldn’t find the individual.

A Woodbury parent called police on Aug. 6 after someone asked her daughter if she wanted to buy marijuana. The incident occurred at the skate park at Ojibway Park. The person showed the girl what appeared to be a joint and asked her if she wanted “real weed."

Police were called to the SuperAmerica on Lake Road Terrace on Aug. 7 after a man slammed his car door into a woman’s vehicle. The woman told police she had lightly tapped the man’s vehicle with her car’s door. She then went inside and saw him repeatedly slamming his car’s door against her vehicle. The man had left and the license plate number the woman gave police did not match up with the description of the vehicle.

A resident at the 3000 block of Smithfield Curve called police on Aug. 7 after she thought she may have been burglarized during a vacation. Beds appeared to have slept in and dishes from the dishwasher were put away. She realized her son may have stayed there in her absence.

Someone played ding-dong ditch at a home at the 2400 block of Eyrie Drive on Aug. 7 and set off fireworks on the front stoop. Police spoke with neighbors who said they saw some middle school-aged kids in the area.

A woman at the 400 block of Woodduck Place called police on Aug. 8 after someone tried to get into her garage. She had previously lost her garage door opener. She saw a man with something in his hand walk up to her home and then the garage door opened. Nothing was taken and by the time police arrived the garage door was closed. Police did not find any footprints in the wet grass around the home.

The west side of the pump house on Lake Road was spray-painted last week. A Public Works employee reported the graffiti—which caused about $250 in damage—on Aug. 8.

A resident at the 800 block of Sutherland Drive called police on Aug. 8 to report that he had received 4-5 phone calls from juveniles saying something “stupid.” He asked police to trace the calls but the number was blocked.

Two bicycles were reported stolen from the garage of a home at the 300 block of Whitetail Lane on Aug. 8. The home was under construction and workers had left the garage door open during the day.

A resident at the 2900 block of Blue Ridge Drive called police on Aug. 9 to report that two tires on her car had been slashed.

The door of a home at the 6000 block of Edgewood Avenue was reported damaged on Aug. 9. The resident told police it may have been his ex-girlfriend, who has a history of violence.

A Cottage Grove man fled his vehicle on foot and ran into nearby woods during a traffic stop near Bailey Nursery on Aug. 9. The vehicle was towed and Cottage Grove and Newport authorities conducted an investigation.

A vehicle traveling southbound on Woodbury Drive near Lake Road was egged on Aug. 10.


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