Woodbury PD Blotter: Fast-Food Fights, Burglary, Mailbox Melee,

Selected calls to the Woodbury Police Department from Sept. 29-Oct. 2.

The following information was obtained from recent police reports.

Sept. 29

A Woodbury attorney who took a Toyota Venza as payment for legal services last year recently discovered that it was a stolen vehicle. The Toyota was linked to a series of car thefts in Houston. The lawyer learned that it was a stolen car when she went to renew the tabs.

Police were called to the 2400 block of Fieldstone Curve after a resident though she heard an intruder downstairs. The television came on without explanation, but nothing else was out of place. Police cleared the home.

A man who was trying to adopt a dog at the became unruly when workers there informed him that he was wanted in Colorado on a burglary charge. Police learned there was some sort of mix up, and the man became unruly and told an officer he “was garbage” and the report says “colorful words were used.” The man told police he lived in “the woods.”

Police were able to collect evidence, including blood, from a car that was broken into at the on Commons Drive. Two laptops valued at $1,500 total were stolen.

A resident at the 7000 block of Afton Court called police after she thought she heard someone use a key to try to open her locked front door. The home has a key box for real estate agents and police advised the woman to contact her Realtor with her concerns.

Two men skipped out on their $88.28 tab at . An employee was able to get the license plate number of the car in which they left and a KOPS alert was put out on the vehicle.

Sept. 30

Two employees at Little Caesar’s got into a physical confrontation and one was punched in the jaw and the temple. The worker who was punched called police and left the store but refused to return. Neither wanted to press charges. The man who stayed at the scene told police he had been continually harassed by the other.

A man contacted police after he found what he thought was ecstasy in his vehicle—he brought it to the and officer confirmed that it was. He suspected it belonged to his daughter or her friends. Police disposed of the pills.

A resident called police after a man in a silver Dodge van tried to sell him electronics out of the back of the vehicle at the at .

A employee called police to say that his manager had smacked him in the back of the head with an open hand. The employee’s lawyer told him to document the incident but he declined to press charges.

Oct. 1

A drunken man at the on Woodlane Drive was babbling and “creeping out” employees. Police made sure he got in a cab and went home.

A resident at the 600 block of Addison Alcove called police after hearing what he thought were gunshots. Police checked the area and talked to joggers, none of whom said they’d heard anything.

Several mailboxes near around the 3500 block of Tara Lane were broken.

A street sign at Mount Vernon Lane and Raleigh Court went missing.

A resident at the 8000 block of Ranch Road returned home from vacation to find that $3,000 in change had gone missing. The homeowner has dogs, and televisions, computers and weapons were left untouched.

A home at the 2300 block of Cameron Drive was egged.

Oct. 2

Police gave an intoxicated man who was stumbling around at the intersection of Valley Creek Road and Tower Drive a ride home.

Someone put a bottle of dish soap into a fountain at the intersection of Dancing Waters Parkway and Valley Creek Road. The police report says: “No suspects or dirty dishes found at this time.”

An old barn at was vandalized.

A home at the 2500 block of Copper Cliff Trail was hit with black paint balls. 

About $30,000 in jewelry was reported stolen from a home at the 3700 block of Village Court. Nothing else was missing and the rest of the home was left undisturbed.

A garage at the 6900 block of Newbury Road was entered using a door opener taken from an unlocked car in the driveway. Police found cigarette butts, which were sent to the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension for testing. The only thing taken was a phone charger.

A $350 golf club (a left-handed Callaway driver) was reported stolen from a garage at the 2100 block of Woodbridge Way. The homeowner told police he had seen teenagers in the area recently. The garage door was left open.

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