Woodbury PD Blotter: Gas Gone, Squirrel Scout, Cat Trap?

Selected calls to the Woodbury Police Department from Feb. 16-21.

The following information was obtained from recent police reports.

Feb. 16

A resident at the 6500 block of Chamberlain Road used the city’s citizen-request system to ask if it would be permissible to trap three feral cats in the neighborhood. Officers, who checked the area but didn’t find the cats, told the man trapping isn’t allowed.

Police contacted a man who left a crude message on a Woodbury doctor’s voicemail and told him that if it happened again charges would be filed.

Police were called to the in Woodbury after a man and a cab driver got into a verbal altercation. The man called a cab after he attended a Wild game and asked to go to the hotel, but the cab driver started going toward Bloomington instead of Woodbury. The fare was more than $77. Police mediated and the man paid $50.

Two unlocked vehicles in a garage at the 400 block of Doncaster Way had items stolen from them, including an iPod, change and an emerald ring. There were other similar incidents reported in the area.

Feb. 17

A power box on Conifer Pass near Whistler Pont Road had “anon” spray-painted on it.

Police responded to a fight between roommates at the 1700 block of Century Circle. They had conflicting stories and agreed to stay in their own rooms for the night.

An unlocked vehicle parked in a driveway at the 9300 block of Preserve Trail had change stolen from it. There were other similar incidents reported in the neighborhood, including the 9100 block of Parkside Drive and the 9300 block of Preserve Alcove. One vehicle had an iPod, jumper cables and other items taken from it. (A note about this ran on the Patch Facebook page the day after.)

A vehicle parked at the 200 block of Pendryn Hill Alcove had gas siphoned from it and its stereo faceplate stolen.

A resident at the 7200 block of Guider Drive reported that unauthorized charges were made on her Wells Fargo check card. Police gave the woman information about identity theft.

A vehicle parked at the 600 block of Landau Drive was rifled through though nothing was taken.

A road rage incident that ended up at was sorted out by police. Neither of the two women involved wanted to press charges following a verbal altercation.

A resident at the 4900 block of Wild Canyon Drive called police after hearing gunshots in the area. It was police dispatching a sick raccoon at a nearby home.

Two men came into the Sprint store on Hudson Road and used tools to remove two iPhones from a display. They then fled the store. A hat left at the store was logged into evidence.

A woman, described as being in her 50s, was seen stealing men’s underwear, a floor rug and a jacket she put on at . An employee chased her out of the store and was able to recover the items, except the jacket.

A home at the 1000 block of Tamberwood Trail was egged.

Feb. 18

A resident at the 6100 block of Garbe Avenue called police with an informational report about a phone call she received saying she had won a multi-million dollar lottery.

A resident at the 1700 block of Tamberwood Echo brought to the a narcotics pipe he found at his home, where his stepson is living, and asked if was indeed used for drugs. (The stepson denied it was a drug-related pipe.) Police tested the pipe, which was positive for methamphetamine.

A garage door was reported broken at the 6900 block of Ashwood Road, though nothing was taken.

A resident at the 2700 block of Robinwood Way called police after she thought a squirrel had gotten into the home. Officers did not find a squirrel at the home.

A traffic stop near Interstate 494 and Tamarack Road uncovered three pipes, a small amount of marijuana, a grinder and a dugout. The subject was cited and released.

Police were called about possible gunshots near the 2400 block of Sandstone Drive. An officer saw a large firework go off in the air and approached a home where he thought it was set. The homeowner was uncooperative.

Feb. 19

Police were called to the 8700 block of Summer Wind Bay after an intoxicated man was banging on the door of a home there and asking to be let in. The man said he was going to die and then “made a feeble attempt” to hide next to a nearby garage. Police transported the man to detox without further incident.

Police advised three men engaged in dumpster diving for scrap metal at the Ridgestone construction area that it is not allowed in Woodbury.

While responding to a domestic incident in the parking lot, an officer saw two females throwing trash and kicking cars in a lot nearby. They were gone by the time the officer was finished handling the domestic situation.

Feb. 21

A vehicle in a garage at the 6100 block of Linden Road had an iPod, which contained music from artists such as Conway Twitty and Guns N' Roses, stolen from it. There were other similar incidents reported in the area.

The principal at called police after a teacher informed him that there were two snowmobiles driving on school property. Officers checked the area with negative results.

Two women stole two bottles of perfume from .


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