Woodbury PD Blotter: Hair-raising Experience, ‘Choice Words’ For Officers, Sexting Slip-up

Selected calls to the Woodbury Police Department from Dec. 29 through Jan. 2.

The following information was obtained from recent police reports.

Dec. 29

Woodbury police assisted Ramsey County narcotics agents during the execution of a search warrant at the 6100 block of Upper Afton Road that uncovered cocaine, steroids and marijuana at the home. Two subjects were arrested and booked at the Washington County Jail.

An employee at sold tobacco to an underage individual during a compliance check. An unusually high number of Woodbury businesses .

A resident at the 7200 block of Guider Drive told police that his vehicle, parked in an underground garage, had been rummaged through. Nothing was missing, though the rear passenger-side window was broken.

Tools and a dashboard radio, valued at $400 together, were reported stolen from a vehicle parked at the 1600 block of Century Circle.

A resident at the 6900 block of Carlyle Road called police to report that his stepson had broken into the house to retrieve some personal belongings and damaged a door. The stepson had moved out a couple of weeks ago. The man did not want to press charges but wanted police to warn him about the criminal activity. The report says police were still trying to get in touch with him.

A St. Paul woman who has an extensive history of theft was stopped by JCPenny employees who spotted her stealing items from the store. The woman—who had her child with her—concealed the items in a “bodysuit/boost girdle” classified as “shoplifting gear.” She also had an active warrant out for her arrest in Hennepin County.

Employees at Sally’s Beauty Supply called police to report that three people came into the store and one of them used a knife to cut 18 inches of human hair (worth $70) from a display.

A resident at the 3100 block of North View Lane called police to report that neighbors had left three bottles filled with tobacco spit on his yard.

An iPad valued at $900 was reported stolen from .

Dec. 30

A motorist stopped for a semaphore violation near the intersection of Valley Creek Road and Woodlane Drive blew a .24 on a breath test and was booked for second-degree DWI.

Three people were busted for smoking marijuana in a car parked at the 3800 block of Oxford Drive.

A resident at the 3700 block of Mount Vernon Lane called police after someone threw oranges, soda cans, roadwork cones and sandbags onto his driveway.

A resident at the 3800 block of Bailey Ridge Drive was cited for having too much dog feces in his yard. The dog was otherwise in good shape.

A caller reported that two men were fighting inside . They left on foot and police were unable to locate the men.

Dec. 31

Two men, both approximately 35-40 years old, fled from a cab after being dropped off and didn’t pay the fee at the 11000 block of Halstead Trail.

A motorist stopped for weaving over traffic lines near the intersection of Radio Drive and Afton Road was booked for DWI.

A house at the 1100 block of Saddlebrook Lane was egged, toilet-papered and had a can of cream of mushroom soup thrown at the door. Honey was spread in the driveway.

A 2003 Chevrolet truck was reported stolen from the 1700 block of Tamberwood Trail. Neighbors told police they spotted a man dressed all in black with a hooded sweatshirt (hood up) walking down the street that evening.

A vehicle parked in the lot was keyed.

Jan. 1

Police were called to a house party at the 7600 block of Capetown Plaza after an invited guest got drunk and belligerent and tried to fight people there. Police found the man outside and his girlfriend (who was below the legal limit to drive) tried to take him home, but he refused. The man was yelling and told police he “knew his rights” and his family members are attorneys. The man had “many more choice words for officers” and said he would sue for $150,000. The man eventually got into the car and departed. An officer left two business cards in case he wanted to file a complaint.

The State Patrol relayed a call to Woodbury police about a motorist swerving all over the road, nearly hitting a light pole. He was stopped at Interstate 94 and Manning Avenue and arrested for DWI.

A cigarette receptacle at the 10100 block of City Walk Drive caught fire; the Woodbury Fire Department put it out.

Jan. 2

A 14-year-old girl was sent a text message with a photo of a nude man. Police contacted the man, who said it was intended for someone else.

Eric Berg January 07, 2012 at 03:02 PM
My father retired from a northern Minnesota police force about 20 years ago....it's stories like this that I miss from the years he was on the force. Well, maybe not the one on the 2nd...but the absolutely weird and wacky stuff people do. Apparently there was just something about the 3700/3800 blocks on the 30th?
Susan January 07, 2012 at 03:59 PM
Too bad Mr. "drunk and belligerent " guy didn't know he had the right to remain silent!
Eric Berg January 07, 2012 at 04:32 PM
Often wondered whether a citation for a failed alcohol/tobacco compliance check is something that blemishes a store manager's reputation with the corporate entity or whether that's something that they figure will happen occasionally over time. I suppose the official "corporate line" is that it's unacceptable, but is it really something for which they put a black mark next to the manager's name? I've only worked in one place that sold alcohol (and didn't have any responsibility for it.)
Rob January 07, 2012 at 07:56 PM
I know one company who takes these violations very seriously. Training before they ring a register, given a copy of the tobacco laws for the state of MN and given training every six months on top of that. If the associate does sell to a minor, it is automatic termination for that associate. The associates know this from the beginning of employment.


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