Woodbury PD Blotter: July 15-20

Police recently responded to calls of burglary, assault, paintball complaints and slashed tires.

The following information was obtained from recent police reports.

A 3M employee’s identification badge and cell phone charger were reported missing July 15 after a car parked at the 1900 block of Evergreen Echo was rifled through.

An iPod Nano and golf clubs valued at $2,000 were reported stolen from a locked vehicle parked at the 3500 block of Hazel Trail on July 15. A pack of cigarettes not belonging to the vehicle’s owner was left behind.

A resident at the 10400 block of Golden Eagle Circle called police July 15 to report that garbage had been strewn about the home’s yard. An officer found about 30 packing peanuts.

Residents near the 2400 block of Prairie Oak Trail called police July 15 after a small tree was struck by lightning. Woodbury firefighters responded but there was no fire.

A GPS device and iPod were reported stolen from an unlocked car at the 2400 block of Lone Eagle Trail on July 15.

A home at the 4800 block of Woodlane Drive was hit with paintballs during the overnight hours of July 14-15.

Police on July 14 noticed that someone had tipped over a portable toilet at Summit Pointe Park.

A small creek near Tahoe Road and Mallard Drive overflowed and was pouring into the street on July 16. A resident called in worried it was a water-main break; police found that the water was draining fine.

The Woodbury Fire Department and Xcel Energy responded to a power line that was sparking in the trees at the 8100 block of Boulder Ridge Road on July 16.

Police cleared about 20 construction-warning signs that had been placed across the road at the 2000 block of Wooddale Drive on July 17.

A Woodbury man was cited after he hit a “cart caddy” at Cub Foods on July 17 and left the scene. The machine tipped over and injured the leg of a 20-year-old male employee who was driving it at the time of the incident.

A home at the 1800 block of Colby Lake Court was burglarized on July 17. The homeowners were gone for a few hours during the middle of the day and returned to find that multiple pieces of jewelry were stolen and items were thrown about the home. Police are investigating the incident.

Workers at King of Kings Lutheran Church called police July 18 after an obscene and threatening voicemail was left at the church by what seemed to be a juvenile boy.

A garage at the 1300 block of Larkspur Court was reported broken into on July 18 and a purse and its contents were stolen. One of the homeowners that morning found the garage door wide open and the service door propped open with a shoe.

Police were called to the 1900 block of Wooddale Drive on July 19 after a man said he was threatened. The man was at Throwbacks Gill and Bar with a woman. When they left, another man claiming to be her boyfriend showed up and threatened to kill him. The caller told police he thought the man had a gun so he ran. The caller said the incident was “dope” related.

A resident at the 7100 block of Montrose Road called police after finding a carrier pigeon with a tag around its right leg on July 19. The bird was released at Courtly Park and flew off under its own power.

A portable toilet at Ridge Park was burned during the overnight hours of July 18-19.

A bicycle was reported stolen from the front of Safeway Driving School on July 19.

The wallet of an employee at the Radio Drive Holiday gas station was stolen from behind the counter on July 19.

An employee at the Woodbury YMCA called police on July 19 after finding that the tires on her car had been slashed while she was at work. She told police she thought the holes were made by juvenile basketball players at the YMCA because she enforces rules they typically break.


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