Woodbury PD Blotter: July 22-27

Woodbury police recently responded to several reports of car windows broken with rocks, break-ins and other calls.

The following information was obtained from recent police reports.

A $600 laptop computer, Kindle and other items were reported stolen from a vehicle at the 100 block of Bordeaux Court on July 22. The owner reported that he suspected his daughter’s friends of the crime.

Police were called on July 22 about a junk vehicle that has been in a driveway at the 2700 block of Mallard Drive for three years and has never been moved. Police arrived to find that there was personal property stored in the vehicle.

A crew laying sod at the 11000 block of Redwood Curve called police July 22 after a motorist, upset with a truck blocking a construction area, drove over the new sod and broke a garden rake. The driver was yelling and swearing at the crew. Police later made contact with the motorist, who said he asked workers to move the truck but they told him to “(Expletive) off.” The driver also told police he asked if he could move the truck himself; a worker responded that he would get beaten up if he touched the truck. The driver told police he drove slowly over the sod and did not spin his tires or drive recklessly.

A North St. Paul woman was cited for shoplifting at Sally Beauty on July 22.

A resident at the 6700 block of Ashwood Road called police July 23 after hearing what she thought was a gunshot. Police checked the area and found nothing suspicious. There were reports of people lighting off fireworks in the area.

A car parked at the 10200 block of Bleeker Street was egged and the home’s doorbell was rung at 2 a.m. on July 23.

A resident at the 3400 block of Fairfax Lane called police on July 23 after finding that someone had turned on the water on an outside spigot.

Sports equipment and a car stereo were reported stolen from a garage at the 3500 block of Rae Lane on July 23. That same day, a resident on the same block reported that a wallet was stolen from a vehicle parked in a driveway.

A briefcase and $200 worth of new clothing was reported stolen from a vehicle at the 2700 block of Edgewater Bay on July 23.

The rear window of a vehicle parked at the 10300 block of Raleigh Road was reportedly broken with rocks on July 23. Similar incidents were also reported in the area, including:

  • 9300 block of Wentlock Road
  • 3300 block of Oak View Drive
  • 2400 block of Eyrie Drive
  • 9300 block of Dartford Road
  • 9200 block of Andrea Drive
  • 2500 block of Eagle Valley Drive

A home at the 10100 block of Stony Creek Drive was stuck by lightning on July 23. The Woodbury Fire Department responded but there was no fire, though the bolt did cause a small hole in the home’s roof.

A man who was speeding because he was late for work lost control of his vehicle, jumped a curb and crashed into a utility pole on July 23. The crash happened on Bielenberg Drive south of Tamarack Road. He was treated for minor injuries at the scene.

Four people came into Gymboree on July 23 and began swearing at employees when they were told the store would be closing soon. One woman with the group left with her arms full of clothing, which an employee estimated was worth $200 to $300 total. Officers were unable to track down the Chevy Impala in which the group left.

A driver called police July 23 after another motorist threw something at his car while he was driving on Manning Avenue.

A resident at the 10600 block of Water Lily Lane called police on July 23 after seeing what he thought was a fire nearby; the light appeared to grow brighter and brighter and he didn’t know what it was. The Woodbury Fire Department responded and discovered that it was a streetlight.

Woodbury authorities on July 24 put out a small fire in a tree caused by a power line near the “Welcome to Newport” sign near Military Road.

A Woodbury resident called police July 24 to report that a black sedan and black SUV, both filled with juveniles, threw bottles at a home at the 3000 block of Torrey Drive.

An Oakdale man came to the Public Safety Department on July 24 to report that his mother’s husband punched him in the face the day before.

A resident called police July 24 after her dog was attacked by another dog at the Dale Road dog park.

A woman on July 24 was attacked by a dog, described as a boxer mix, near the 1000 block of Schooner Way.

White paint was reportedly splashed across two vehicles at the 1700 block of Donegal Drive on July 24.

A half mile from the intersection of Hawthorn Trail and Maple Boulevard, someone placed several trashcans in the middle of the road. Police suspect it was juveniles.

A Woodbury resident called police on July 25 to report that she spotted a coyote in Pioneer Park.

A car and garage were rifled through during the overnight hours of July 25-26 at the 6000 block of Garbe Avenue. The resident did not believe anything was missing.

A resident at the 2500 block of Cobble Hill Court confronted a man seen trying to get into his car on July 27. The suspect ran away.


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