Woodbury PD Blotter: Donut Dustup, Mail Matters, More ‘Lot Love’

Selected calls to the Woodbury Police Department.

The following information was obtained from recent police reports.

Nov. 10

Police were called to the Woodbury after a man who was known to be involved in credit card fraud was spotted at the store. Officers located the man, who had numerous credit cards and Wal-Mart gift cards in his vehicle. He was arrested without incident.

A resident called police after seeing a horse lying on the ground for several days at a parcel on Military Road. Police arrived to find that the animal was upright.

A woman who was shopping at called police to report that her wallet had been stolen.

Nov. 11

Police were called about a known shoplifter at J.C. Penny and found two women, one of whom was arrested for marijuana and drug paraphernalia possession.

, police were called to the ReMax parking lot after workers saw two people having sex inside a vehicle. Police arrived and saw a man in his 50s scrambling toward the front seat; he also seemed to be pulling a shirt over his head. He was sweating. A woman in the vehicle was fully clothed, but admitted they were having sex. Officers told them their behavior was unlawful and they left without further incident.

A vehicle parked at had two of its tires slashed. The driver said she had a suspect in mind—a woman who thought she was having an affair with her husband.

A resident at the 1200 block of Kenilworth Drive called police to report that mail had been taken from her neighbor’s mailbox.

A garage at the 1800 block of Donegal Drive was egged.

Nov. 13

A resident at the 7700 block of Somerset Road called police to say that mail had been stolen from his mailbox though it was later recovered in his back yard. City officials recently put out a notice telling people to beware of mail theft.

Some sheep got loose at Jordan Ranch but were able to be penned without incident.

The window of a vehicle at the 1800 block of Wooddale Drive was broken and a saw valued at $200 was stolen.

A vehicle parked at was broken into and a saw and spare battery were stolen.

Nov. 14

A resident at the 1600 block of Tamberwood Trail had her stolen mail recovered at the lobby of an apartment building in Oakdale. The same thing happened to a resident who lives at the 1300 block of Waterford Road.

Nov. 15

The stolen mail of a resident at the 700 block of Moonlight Drive was recovered at .

About a dozen landscape blocks of a retaining wall at the 7900 block of Afton Road were reported stolen.

A man whose ex-girlfriend had been harassing him reported that she attacked him outside the . He did not want to press charges. She told police she would stop contacting the man.

Four men pulled a dine-and-dash on a $41 bill at .

Nov. 16

Police were called to the on City Centre Drive after a man went into the bathroom with two donuts but came out with one. He initially denied that he ate the donut and said it fell on the ground, though an employee told police she saw him chewing on it. Employees told officers similar instances have happened in the past, and he was trespassed from the store.

Eric Berg November 21, 2011 at 07:59 PM
Hmmm....I'm sensing a TV show out of this. If CSI-Miami can use "Won't Get Fooled Again" by the Who for a theme song, then CSI-Woodbury can use "Whole Lotta Love" by Led Zeppelin. (I knew that growing up in a part of northern Minnesota where the radio choices were either country, pop music, or continual rehashing of 1960s-70s songs would come in handy someday.)
Kris Janisch November 21, 2011 at 09:05 PM
I'll write the script Berg. Who stars?
Eric Berg November 21, 2011 at 10:39 PM
Well, to make this work like a typical crime drama....you need a somewhat hard bitten, but followable leader, an underling who talks gruff, but is actually a big softy, a romantic interest for one of those two, a nerdy guy/gal to do all the science-y stuff, and at least two investigators, preferably one of each gender to give that "chemistry." Oh, any you need a completely overbearing, obnoxious boss over all of them who gets in the way, but eventually relents (much like Quincy's boss on Quincy, ME) Leader. Hmm...hook the jumper cables up to Jack Lord and see if we can reincarnate him....if not, then Scott Glenn. 2nd in command, George Wendt...I think that "Norm" from Cheers can pull this role off. Romantic lead: Go with an unknown to save money, initially. Nerdy gal/guy: Joel Hodgson or Danica McKellar Investigator duo: You pick two complete unknowns who have good chemistry. Overbearing boss: I'd say Dabney Coleman, but that's too easy of typecasting. Bradley Whitford, Rene Auberjonois, or Joe Don Baker. (Yes, that's quite a wide swath there.) Methinks you've got yourself a Thanksgiving week open-ended poll question... Create a cast for CSI-Woodbury. It'd be great if Lee Vague would weigh in. :)


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