Woodbury PD Blotter: More Mail Messes, Patting Problem, Gift Lifted

Selected calls to the Woodbury Police Department from Nov. 17-22.

The following information was obtained from recent police reports.

Nov. 17

A resident at the 1400 block of Belmont Drive told police he found his neighbor’s mail in a neat stack in his front yard. He returned the mail. Police have of late.

For the second time in a week, concrete blocks were stolen from a retaining wall .

A Leatherman tool valued at $85, a power converter and Army knife were reported stolen from a vehicle parked at the 7800 block of Somerset Court. Textbooks were also taken but found later down the street.

Nov. 18

A resident at the 10600 block of Pinnacle Way reported that her mail had been tampered with recently. Police found several mailboxes open along the street, but did not find any mail.

A resident at the 10600 block of Water Lily Terrace found other Woodbury residents’ mail in his mailbox. There were similar reports at the 11000 block of Balsam Way and the 9030 block of Brentwood Trail.

A woman told police she took off her wedding ring to put on lotion while in the parking lot of . She went inside and returned to her vehicle to find it missing. She left her vehicle unlocked. The ring was valued at nearly $11,000.

Pumpkins were smashed in a driveway at the 2500 block of Brittany Lane.

Nov. 19

A Wisconsin woman reported that her wallet was stolen at a store in Woodbury, and it seemed two women acted together to steal it. One spoke to her while another walked behind her; they quickly left together. She told police there were several fraudulent charges on one of her credit cards.

Nov. 20

Mail from several homes was stolen and strewn about along the 1800 block of Lamplight Drive.

Nov. 21

A $280 wrapped Christmas gift was stolen from a vehicle at the 700 block of Markgrafs Lake Drive.

A coyote was spotted near the intersection of Radio Drive and Marsh Creek Road.

A $1,000 laptop was reported stolen from a vehicle parked at .

Nov. 22

Two vehicles parked at the 6000 block of Birchwood Road were broken into; cash was stolen from one car and a fanny pack and camcorder were taken from the other.

A man who was using services at the called police after a case manager touched him on the upper back twice in the same day. One time the manager told him he had something on his shirt. The caller told police the touching didn’t seem sexual or aggressive, but he didn’t think the case manager should go around touching people. Police and the caller discussed the matter at length, but officers were unable to determine a crime was committed.

Eric Berg November 26, 2011 at 03:04 PM
At the risk of offending people....if you're living, visiting, or passing through an area where there are other people and you do not lock your doors, you're an fool. A locked door may not stop EVERY criminal, but it will make them have to decide whether whatever you have in the car is worth the potential of getting caught jimmying a lock or breaking a window to get it. Of course, this goes along with not leaving your valuable crap in view of anyone walking by...which I always thought was common sense (but, then again, I'm the son of a police officer...maybe that's just been drilled into my consciousness over the years) Here's the idea for those lacking in common sense...If they don't see anything worth stealing AND the door is locked, they're more likely to walk on by to the next car that either has crap visible or has an unlocked door. Simple deterrence. Won't stop every crime, but much more effective than making ones self a target through one's own actions. There are many things that you can do to make the criminal's job harder, the PD's job easier, and your life safer. Police departments, insurers, and other groups can give you this information. It may require you to change your behaviors or think about doing things differently, but I'd rather change than be standing in a parking lot, wondering where my expensive object that I left in my unlocked car was.
Paul November 26, 2011 at 05:04 PM
Good point, Eric, very good point. Kind of reminds me the line that fences and locks make good for neighbors. I always lock the doors to my house and car, regardless of how "safe" my surroundings are. It's just the wise thing to do!
Jay Graving November 28, 2011 at 10:50 PM
I've been in the locking mailbox business since 2006 and most of my sales are in CA, AZ, Texas. It was rare that I sold any locking mailboxes here in Minnesota because mail theft wasn't a problem. Unfortunately that's changed and now it’s' happening all over the Midwest. Mail theft is a low-tech crime and it has fast become the number one way to steal someone else’s personal information or identity. By not having a locking mailbox you're essentially giving the crook the key to your house and they can steal you blind in second or sell your personal information on the Internet in a heartbeat. Like Eric’s example above with the car, a mail thief will do the same thing. If he comes up to a mailbox and it’s locked, he’s not going to try and open it because that would draw attention to himself and increase his chances of getting caught. Instead he’ll move down to the neighbor’s unlocked mailbox or the next and then move onto another neighborhood and do it all over again the next day. I bought a locking mailbox several years ago and I don’t worry about my mail getting stolen anymore and I feel more safe and secure. I also don’t have to rush home and get the mail right away after work, worry about it overnight or about leaving it in there whenever we go away for a weekend. For my piece of mind, it was the best way to go and I’ll never be without one. Protect yourself with a lockingmailbox. Jay - lockingmailboxstore.com
Jenny DB November 30, 2011 at 01:32 AM
The same can be said for locking your mailbox! With the prevalance of mail-identity theft now in Woodbury but for quite some time in neighborhoods across the country, residents would be wise to use a high security locking mailbox! This keeps thieves from rummaging through your mail for ID theft!!!!


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