Woodbury PD Blotter: Wind Chime Crime, Possum Problem, Pajamas Pilfered?

Selected calls to the Woodbury Police Department from Jan. 19-24.

The following information was obtained from recent police reports.

Jan. 19

A motorist who made a turn while a crossing guard was in the intersection with a stop sign up was given a verbal warning.

were called about a resident at the 3000 block of Devonshire Drive who was letting her dog defecate on a shared balcony. Police informed the woman of city code and told her she also needed to have the dog licensed within two weeks.

A Woodbury man was not pleased when police told him he probably would not be able to get a harassment order against his sister granted—he was upset because she was calling him from a landline instead of a cell phone. She had recently called him to update him on their father’s surgery.

A bank bag with about $300 in it was reported stolen from a vehicle parked at the 1100 block of Weir Drive.

A resident at the 300 block of Elan Court called police to report that pajamas and a pair of socks had been stolen from his washing machine. There was no forced entry and nothing else was missing. The subject has a history of making false theft reports.

Jan. 20

Two vehicles parked at were broken into. Windows on both cars were broken.

A student at was booked on fifth-degree assault after he apparently punched another student in the back of the head. There had been a dispute between the two students about body odor.

A resident at the 2700 block of Oak Ridge Trail called police after his wind chime was messed with on a couple of occasions. It was once thrown into some nearby bushes and another time the wind chime had a rubber band tied around it to silence it.

Residents at the 6500 block of Glen Road and the 8800 block of Spring Lane called police about issues stemming from .

Jan. 21

Police were called about a road rage incident that ended up in the parking lot. A Maplewood man said another vehicle had cut him off and when he eventually passed it the other driver was giving him the finger and shaking his cane at him. The two ended up at Burger King and the man who was shaking his cane used it to hit the other motorist’s hood, causing a small dent. The man with the cane told police the Maplewood man had followed him into the lot, and his wife was driving the car. Both parties were advised of their poor behavior.

Jan. 22

Police were called about a fight at during an employee-appreciation event. By the time officers arrived the situation was calm.

Woodbury police helped authorities in Cottage Grove capture a man who was suspected in a pistol whipping. The incident occurred at the 7000 block of Hemingway Avenue South.

Police were called to the 7300 block of Sanel Road after a woman’s Chihuahua and an opossum got into what was described in the report as a “verbal-only altercation” in the backyard. The animals were beneath a deck. An officer eventually stomped on the deck and the dog came out. The opossum remained at large.

A garage at the 800 block of Tamberwood Trail was broken into and two vehicles inside were rifled through, though the only item missing was a set of keys.

Jan. 23

Police were called to the 7800 block of Rimbley Road about a neighbor dispute involving snow being blown from one property onto another.

Jan. 24

An iPod was reported stolen from a detached garage at the 6100 block of Dell Lane North. Similar incidents were reported nearby.

A Honda Civic was reported stolen from the 6900 block of Collingwood Lane.

A resident concerned about an individual’s safety called police about a jaywalker near Valley Creek Road and Tower Drive.

The put out a vehicle fire near Wier Drive and Tamarack Road.

Note: There were a number of winter-parking violations handed out recently. Check out the city’s .

Eric Berg January 28, 2012 at 01:08 PM
First we had wayward, lawbreaking cats, then sick raccoons, now it's pugnacious possums? The mayor needs to do something about this rash of animal crime here in the `bury. I don't live near the wind chimes in question, but I'd have to say that silencing them shouldn't be a crime, it should be something that results in being presented a key to the city. I've told my neighbors if they get wind chimes, I'm buying a vuvuzela. And that lady better get her log licensed! (Sing with me: "It's log...it's log. It's big, it's heavy, it's wood. It's log...it's log...it's better than bad, it's good!" Yeah, I know it's a typo, but it put an old "Ren and Stimpy" episode into my head.)
kris solheim January 28, 2012 at 03:59 PM
Eric....You crack me up! So far my neighbors haven't complained about my windchimes but my new "log" has quite a bark. :) Kris Solheim
Rob January 28, 2012 at 05:55 PM
I really think the picture of the police vehicle should be updated to the new Chargers. Just my opinion however.
Kris Janisch January 28, 2012 at 09:50 PM
Got that typo fixed gang. Caught something on our Facebook page about it too. And good idea Robert. It would look cooler, first of all, and there's some construction stuff in the background of this pic from when they were expanding the public safety building.


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