Woodbury Police Blotter: April 7-12

Police were recently called about burning complaints, road rage and other assorted incidents.

The following information was obtained from recent police reports.

A $100 pair of jeans was reported stolen from a student’s locker at Woodbury Middle School on April 7.

A resident at the 7100 block of Courtly Road called police on April 7 to report that vehicles were often speeding along the road as the weather got warmer.

Police were called to the Country Inn & Suites in Woodbury on April 8 after a man who appeared to be on drugs was walking around the parking lot and standing by the front door. By the time police arrived he had been picked up by a cab.

A resident at the 11000 block of Halstead Trail called police on April 8 after receiving an email that said someone was trying to kill him and he could avoid it if he paid money to the individual. He told police he had no known enemies and figured it was an email scam. Police told him not to respond to the email.

A manager at the Buckle called police on April 8 to report that an employee was seen on surveillance cameras removing the security tags from an item and later stealing it. The subject admitted to stealing clothing on multiple occasions.

A $350 smart phone and $175 iPod Nano were reported stolen from the sweatshirt of a student at Woodbury High School on April 8. The student left her sweatshirt on the side of the outdoor track.

Two tires and their rims, valued at $420 total, were reported stolen from a vehicle at the 7200 block of Guider Drive on April 8.

Police were called to Woodbury Lutheran Church on April 8 after six or seven juveniles were seen inside the church. By the time police arrived they had left.

Police responded to a complaint about a man burning leaves in the yard of his home near Leyland Trail and Andrea Drive on April 9. Police contacted the man, who agreed to put the fire out and haul the debris elsewhere. Police told the man about the city’s burning ordinance and issued a verbal warning.

A resident who lives on Chertsey Drive called police on April 9 to report that a neighbor was burning items in his backyard and creating a lot of smoke. The fire was out and the caller wanted information about the city’s burning ordinance. Police advised the resident to call police during the violation instead of after.

A resident at the 2800 block of Wimbledon Ridge called police on April 9 after receiving threatening text messages from her ex-boyfriend. Police contacted the man, who agreed to stop.

Police were called to the 10200 block of Hudson Road on April 9 about a possible indecent exposure incident. (No further information was available.)

A set of house keys and a pocketknife were reported stolen from a vehicle parked at Woodbury Lutheran Church on April 10. The car was undamaged but its contents had been rummaged through.  

A resident at the 6800 block of Christian Curve called police on April 10 after an Ann Taylor Loft credit card she ordered was being used, though she never received it in the mail. Nearly $1,500 in charges had been made on the card. She had also had problems with other companies at which she hadn’t opened credit card accounts. Police gave the woman information about identity theft.

Police were called to the Wal-Mart parking lot on April 11 about a man driving erratically and screaming at people.

A cell phone was reported stolen from the locker of a Crosswinds Art and Science School student on April 11.

A GPS device was reported stolen from a vehicle parked at the 2600 block of Cornelia Trail on April 12.

Police were called to the 8400 block of Timberwood Court on April 12 about a dispute between two neighbors. A man had received a citation about his dog, and his neighbor told police he threatened to “kill her if she stepped foot onto his property.” Police contacted the man, who denied threatening the woman. The woman said she wanted to issue a restraining order against the man. Police advised both parties to avoid each other.

The owner of Maui Wowi called police on April 12 to report that a sign had been stolen from the outside of the store sometime the night before.

A small iron table was reported stolen from the porch of a home at the 2600 block of Mallard Drive on April 12. A neighbor told the caller that she heard noises at about 1:30 a.m.

A Woodbury resident called police on April 12 after spotting an Acura that was driving at 80-90 mph near the area of Century Avenue and Interstate 94. The caller told police the driver was weaving in and out of traffic and cut off a Woodbury Fire Department vehicle. At a stoplight, the aggressive driver exited his car and started yelling at the caller and punched her window. Police received no other calls about the incident.


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