Woodbury Police Blotter: Feb. 17-23

Police recently responded to Girl Scout cookies stolen from a vehicle parked at the Woodbury movie theater, among other calls.

 The following information was obtained from recent police reports.

A resident at the 2400 block of Golf Drive called police on Feb. 17 to report that a $150 GPS and cell phone charger valued at $30 were stolen from a vehicle parked in his garage.

Police were called to the 2300 block of Golf Drive on Feb. 17 after neighbors said a man in a hooded sweatshirt tried to open a garage door. One resident made eye contact with the man, who then took off running. Police could not locate the individual but discussed crime prevention with nearby residents.

Police were called to the 2100 block of Hemlock Boulevard after a vehicle had a window smashed and a GPS taken from it.

A $350 cell phone was reported stolen from the Sprint store on Hudson Road on Feb. 17. Employees told police that someone removed the security cable from the phone but no suspects were seen.

Police responded to a call of a possible attempted burglary on Feb. 17 at Aveka, Inc., on Wooddale Drive. Employees saw a tall, thin man inside the business but did not know what he was doing there. He and another man fled the scene. Nothing was taken.

Police were called about a shoplifting incident at Target on Feb. 18 after a man in his early 60s apparently stole an Xbox 360 valued at $300.

Police were called to the intersection of Valley Creek Road and Interstate 494 on Feb. 18 on a report that two cars were racing. Police were unable to locate the vehicles.

Multiple cases of Girl Scout cookies were reported stolen from a minivan parked at the Woodbury 10 Theatre on Feb. 18.

A Woodbury parent called police on Feb. 18 after finding drawings and writing his son did that indicated he might be part of the “18th Street Gang.” The man and police discussed gangs at length.

A bail bondsman called police on Feb. 18 after he noticed that the Facebook page of a man he was tracking had a profile photo of him with a knife. There were also recent status updates that the bondsman found threatening.

Woodbury police were called to the 200 block of Blue Heron Lane on Feb. 19 after a large raccoon got stuck in one of the home’s window wells. The man had tried to get it out on his own but the animal was aggressive. Police and a resident tried to free the raccoon without success. A local animal-control business was called in to assist.

Police were called to the Woodbury Cub Foods on Feb. 20 on a report that a man was being unruly and refused to leave. The man told police he had been using the phone and may have been rude to some employees. One employee told police the man made her feel uncomfortable by standing too close and touching her shoulder. The man appeared to have been drinking and as a condition of his license can’t drive with any alcohol in his system. He told officers he was waiting for a ride and police drove him home without further incident.

Woodbury police and firefighters were called to the 11000 block of Prospect Curve on Feb. 20 on a report of a vehicle fire. By the time authorities arrived it had been put out with a fire extinguisher.

A tow truck driver was allegedly assaulted on Feb. 21 at the 2400 block of Cobble Hill Alcove. The truck driver was hooking up the vehicle when a man started yelling at him and jumped into the cab of the tow truck. The unidentified man hit the truck driver with the truck’s door and took a swing at him. He then fled on foot but could not located.

Police were called to the Woodbury Target on Valley Creek Plaza on Feb. 21 on a disorderly conduct report. Two people were yelling at each other but no crime occurred.

Police were called to the Woodbury Wal-Mart on Feb. 21 after an incident between a plow driver and a resident. A man accused the plow of nearly hitting his vehicle and words were exchanged. The plow driver told police the man pushed shopping carts behind the plow so it could not back up.

Employees at the Woodbury TGI Fridays told police a man walked out without paying his $5.59 whiskey and 7Up.

Nearly $330 was reported stolen from the Caribou Coffee on Hudson Road sometime on Feb. 18. Police were called about the matter on Feb. 22.

A man on Newcastle Road called police on Feb. 22 after he and his wife had been out of town for a few days and came back to find that their daughter had a party. Several items at the home were damaged and a bag of coins went missing.

A resident at the 8300 block of Marsh Creek Road called police on Feb. 22 to report that a $150 mailbox had been hit and destroyed by a plow. Woodbury Public Works employees told authorities that there were no reports of struck mailboxes in the area.

Police stopped a vehicle for erratic driving near the intersection of Radio Drive and Commonwealth Avenue on Feb. 23 and found drug paraphernalia in the vehicle. A man and a woman inside the car were fighting but no injuries were reported.

Police were called to Haskell’s Liquor on Feb. 23 after someone tried to enter the business after hours. There was nothing missing inside.

Tools were reported stolen from a construction site at the 11000 block of Ivywood Lane on Feb. 23.


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