Council to Examine Past, Future of Bielenberg Sports Center

The Woodbury City Council is also set to review the Eagle Valley Golf Course during Wednesday night’s workshop.

The Woodbury City Council on Wednesday is set to discuss the 2011 happenings at the while also looking ahead to the replacement of its dome.

The city on Friday for the new $15.5 million structure set to replace the bubble, which opened in the fall of 1995. Work on the project could begin a soon as the spring of 2013.

On the docket for Wednesday’s council workshop, which begins at 6:30 p.m. at , is a review of 2011 operations at Bielenberg, including rental hours, its geothermal heating and cooling system (it hasn’t provided the expected savings) and highlights of the past year’s projects. (Check out the image with this story for information on rentals and visitors.)

As the city’s focus for 2012 will be on future plans, few changes are expected at the sports center this year, according to a council memo on the matter. Plans for this year include:

  • Continue to provide information, operational perspective and detailed analysis for expected operation to aid in finalizing the plans for the BSC Expansion Project.
  • Drive additional revenue from all areas of operation with the primary focus on selling ice and field time and advertising.
  • Execute a use agreement with School District 833 for the use of ice time for the three high school hockey programs.
  • Execute a use agreement with Woodbury-based ice and field groups for the use of ice and field time in conjunction with the BSC Expansion Project. The 1998, WAHC agreement is due to expire at the end of 2012 with their final installment of the $250,000 commitment for the construction of the west ice rink.
  • Complete maintenance on the west rink floor including adding refrigerant piping along the radius of the dasher boards to improve the refrigeration during spring, summer and fall months and leveling the sand to provide more uniform ice thickness. Develop an updated color scheme for both arenas to match the plans for the new lobby and field house.
  • Clean out the entire building in preparation for the disruption that will occur with the proposed expansion project.

Meanwhile, the city council will also hear the latest news from the Bielenberg Sports Center Expansion Task Force.

The group has met four times over the past two months and came up with six recommendations, according to a council memo:

  • The size of the field house has been established at approximately 90,000 square feet based on a maximum building size of 242 feet wide by 372 feet long, which will accommodate full-size soccer, football and lacrosse fields with an ability to divide into four smaller fields.
  • The elevated track has been eliminated from consideration due to cost and space.
  • The basic size of the lobby, with associated support spaces including restrooms, food service, office, check-in, rental, meeting rooms and storage, has been established at approximately 19,000 square feet on two levels.
  • A parks substation is being planned as an addition that will provide space for parks maintenance equipment for the outdoor fields, mechanical equipment for the new construction and storage for the field house.
  • An outdoor ice sheet is being considered for incorporation into the project with a limited level of finishes to be determined.
  • Consideration will be given to upgrading the exterior of the east and west arenas to improve aesthetics and reduce infiltration.

For more information visit the city's webpage dedicated to the project.

Eagle Valley Golf Course

The is also up for its annual review on Wednesday.

While the course breaks even from an operations standpoint, it has had trouble keeping up with debt and capital needs, Councilman Paul Rebholz told Patch in February, when the city .

The Eagle Valley Golf Course Task Force has prepared its findings, which Rebholz is set to relay during the workshop meeting.

Check out the full agenda.


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