Governor Outlines State Services to be Kept in Event of State Shutdown

In court on Wednesday, Gov. Mark Dayton outlined the programs and services that he says need to remain in place in the event of a government shutdown.

In Ramsey County Court on Wednesday, Gov. Mark Dayton outlined the state services and programs he says need to continue in the event of a government shutdown.

In Dayton's response to a petition filed by the attorney general Monday, the governor said he believes "as the Minnesota Constitution declares, that Minnesota's government was 'instituted for the security, benefit and protection of the people.'"

He went on to say a government shutdown "would threaten lives and safety of the people of Minnesota."

All told, thousands of employees would be kept at work despite the fact the state would lack the authority to spend money because of the budget impasse. But the governor also proposed closing more than 50 boards and agencies, while keeping open a number of services, including corrections, the State Patrol, Human Services and a contingent of Minnesota Zoo employees.


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