Update: Local Roseville Patch Election Results 2012

Elected to the Roseville Coucil: Laliberte and Etten. Also elected were state Senate 66 incumbent Marty,House 66A DFLer Hausman and House 42B DFLer Jason Isaason.

Update (10:30 p.m.)

Roseville voters have elected Lisa Laliberte and Jason Etten to the City Council, defeating Karen Schaffer and Bill Hoffman.

Meanwhile in state Senate District 66, long-term incumbent DFLer John Marty handily defeated Republican challenger Wayde Brooks.

In the redrawn House District 66A; Alice Hausman, a current DFL representative, has defeated Republican Mark Fotsch.

Also winning was Jason "Ike" Isaacson, DFLer, in House District 42B. He captured 56.45 percent of the vote in defeating Republican Ken Rubenzer

(Originail post) Roseville voters today (Tuesday) will elect two people to the City Council from among four candidates vying for the four-year terms.

The four Council contestants are: Jason Etten, Bill Hoffman ,Lisa Laliberte  and   Karen Schaffer.

The fall campaign has been marked by a bevy of issues including proposed property tax increases, discussion about organized trash hauling in Roseville, bonding for the construction of a new city fire station and public park improvements and how the candidates feel about a recent council decision to approve a Wal-Mart store in the Twin Lakes neighborhood.

Meanwhile, most Roseville residents are in state Senate District 66 and will be electing either incumbent DFLer John Marty or Republican challenger Wayde Brooks. (Click on this link to read a Patch story about the two candidates). The district includes Roseville, Falcon Heights and parts of northern St. Paul.

Roseville Patch will also have results for House District 66A , which includes all but most of Falcon Heights, Lauderdale, most of Roseville, and part of St. Pau's north side. The candidates are Republicanincumbent DFL legislator Alice Hausman  and the Independence Party's Dave Thomas. 

In House District 42B, which includes a small section of Roseville that is north of County Road C and east of Snelling Avenue,  DFLer  Jason "Ike" Isaacson  is competing against Republican Ken Rubenzer.


7,870 28.3 percent Jason Etten
7,370 26.5 percent Karen Schaffer
6,886 24.76 percent Bill Hoffman
5,560 19.9  percent SENATE 66                          
TOTAL VOTE      PERCENT WON inc. John Marty, DFL 19,328 74.06 Wayde Brooks, GOP
 6,687 25.62


HOUSE 42B                         
TOTAL VOTE     PERCENT WON  Jason Isaacson,DFL 8,031 56.45 percent Ken Rubenzer, GOP 6,166 43.34 percent



Mark Arthur November 07, 2012 at 03:29 PM
Glad to read Lisa earned the top spot. It is obvious she's a real worker and smart as a whip. Impressive performance by a first-time candidate without any insider connections.This is great for the city of Roseville!


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