Sen. Lillie Plans Move To Woodbury, Will Run In New District

“It was a family decision more than a political decision,” the Republican leader says.

Sen. Ted Lillie says he will move to Woodbury to run in the new legislative district that encompasses the city.

Lillie, a Republican, said on Friday that he will run for Senate in District 53. For the past 17 years he has lived Lake Elmo, which, , is part of District 39 and no longer shares a legislative position with Woodbury.

“This is a family decision more than a political decision,” Lillie told Woodbury Patch on Friday afternoon. “Woodbury is a city that I have a lot of affinity with.”

Lillie’s wife is the medical director at and the family does much of its shopping in Woodbury.

“Everything we do, we do in Woodbury,” he said.

His home in Lake Elmo sits on a one-acre parcel near a pond, and the move to Woodbury means less work outside. Lillie said he enjoys outdoor work, but doesn’t have time for it.

“It’s a lot of mowing,” he said.

Lillie said he called local party chair Joe Salmon to tell him the news.

"I think he was pleased," he said.

Lillie said he considered a run for the , but didn’t want to move his family to Washington, D.C.

“It was a serious evaluation,” he said.

He said he spent a lot of time in Woodbury campaigning two years ago.

“I really feel a warm understanding with the citizens of Woodbury,” Lillie said.

He said he has yet to close on a home in Woodbury. He has made an offer on a house, but if things don’t work out Lillie said he would consider renting.

Under state law, legislators must live in their district for six months before that year’s general election, meaning he must be living in Woodbury by May 6 in order to run for the District 53 Senate seat.

On the DFL side, Rep. Nora Slawik, of Maplewood, is considering a run for the same Minnesota Senate seat, she said. She currently lives in the district.

The new legislative district includes south Maplewood and parts of Oakdale. Lillie is on the board of the Oakdale Business and Professional Association.

, said the state is in much better shape than it was two years ago, noting in particular the elimination of a massive deficit and recent budget forecasts that say the state has a surplus.

Tricia Wood March 03, 2012 at 03:45 AM
Welcome to Woodbury (soon), Sen. Ted Lille & family!
Deb Battah March 05, 2012 at 01:19 PM
Hey Ted, You do not have a surplus when you owe our schools money! Pay them Back! And while your at it an increase in per puplil spending would help too. Thank-you!


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