Snapshot: Woodbury Tutors Get Special Notice From Central Park

The city is beginning to enforce an existing policy that prohibits people from doing business at the indoor park.

Last summer, some tutors at Woodbury’s would show up at 8 a.m., see pupils on the half hour, and stay until 1 p.m.

“That’s truly a blatant violation of (city) policy,” said Ann Ringgold, parks specialist with Woodbury.

In response to complaints from people who couldn’t find tables last summer, the city this year decided to start enforcing a policy that prohibits people from doing business at Central Park.

Woodbury officials recently put up small signs on many tables at Central Park in an effort to inform those who might violate the policy.

On rainy days, or when it’s crowded in general, people should be able to come to the park to meet or study, Ringgold said. “There’s just no space for them.”

The city intended to roll out the new enforcement policy at the end of the school year, though since a Pioneer Press story on the subject several weeks ago, there have been fewer people doing business at Central Park, Ringgold said.

For the most part, it’s tutors who have been violating the policy, she said. It’s OK for people to come in and spend some time at the park or hold a business meeting, Ringgold said.

“Just don’t make this your office,” Ringgold said. “We want this to be a gathering place.”

City officials have not had to tell anyone they are in violation of the policy so far.

Bob Klatt, the city’s Parks and Recreation director, said there is no financial penalty for violating the policy—the city would issue a “friendly reminder.”

People don’t complain too often, he said.

“We just want to make sure it’s totally available for the common user,” Klatt said.


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