VIDEOS: Michele Bachmann Says Keith Ellison Has 'Long History' with Muslim Brotherhood

On CNN, Ellison told Anderson Cooper what Bachmann said to Glenn Beck is untrue.

In the video clip at right, Michele Bachmann accuses Keith Ellison of "a long record" of association with the Muslim Brotherhood—a claim Ellison flatly denies in the video clip at left.

A between the two members of Congress from neighboring Minnesota districts got personal Thursday, as Bachmann directly tied Ellison to her claims of "" of the U.S. federal government by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Here is an excerpt from a transcript of the Bachmann's interview with Glenn Beck:

REP. BACHMANN: And they call for Jerusalem to become Egypt’s capital, not Israel’s capital. They call for the demise of Israel and the demise of the United States. They believe in civilization, jihad, which is to come into the United States and subvert the United States from within. I know it sounds like radical stuff, but all you have to do is look—right, just look at the Muslim Brotherhood and who they say they are.

GLENN BECK: Okay. So when you wrote this letter, then Keith Ellison comes out. And Keith Ellison is—he has a record of being the Mafia hitman.

REP. BACHMANN: Well, he has a long record of being associated with CAIR and with the Muslim Brotherhood. CAIR is an unindicted co‑conspirator, as stated in the large terrorist financing case that we’ve had in the United States of America and so he came out and essentially wanted to shut down the inspectors general from even looking into any of the questions that we were asking.  So he wanted to shut it down. In response I wrote another letter back to Keith Ellison, a 16‑page letter which I would encourage all of your listeners to go and read this letter. It’s what I call a bulletproof letter. I have 59 footnotes with one example after another of the penetration of the Muslim Brotherhood into the federal government.  One of the most recent is so outrageous, it’s hard to believe. Two weeks ago the State Department broke its own law, like I said, and let a foreign terrorist come into the United States, into the White House, meet with the National Security Council—

Here is the first part of Ellison's exchange with Anderson Cooper on CNN:

ANDERSON COOPER: She's saying you have a long record of being associated with the Muslim Brotherhood. Is that true?

REP. ELLISON: No. That's not true.

COOPER: Do you support the Muslim Brotherhood?

ELLISON: You know, I don't support any organization. I support American institutions. I don't know enough about them. What I know about them is that in Egypt one of their candidates has ascended to the presidency. I've never met that person. But I do think the United States should have a foreign policy where we talk to foreign leaders of all kinds. But no, I don't have any Muslim Brotherhood connections that she's talking about.

COOPER: And when she says you are trying to shut down their investigation, what do you make of that?

ELLISON: I am absolutely not trying to shut down their investigation. What I'm trying to do is to raise a concern about unfounded allegations of disloyalty—specifically with regard to [Secretary of State Clinton's deputy chief of staff] Huma Abedin and a few other people who she mentioned. But I mean, if she has legitimate evidence, she should go forward. All I did was ask her to put up the proof.

Gary Doan July 20, 2012 at 08:47 PM
Why does everyone think she's lying? At least investigate it.
Susan July 20, 2012 at 09:47 PM
I don't know that she is technically lying on this one as she says she is just asking how this woman got clearance. What she is doing here (for sure) is fear mongering, and all the top republican's defense of the individual involved proves it is a ridiculous time and money wasting request.
STW July 20, 2012 at 10:34 PM
To investigate, would give credence to her statement. Burden of proof should be on the accuser. This is a pattern by MB; Accuse others and show no proof. Deny, or claim you have been misquoted.
Edward July 21, 2012 at 01:06 AM
STW is correct. MB has not given a shred of evidence to warrant an investigation. Many others, in much higher positions in the intelligence community, have come to this conclusion. http://content.usatoday.com/communities/onpolitics/post/2012/07/michele-bachmann-huma-abedin-rogers-ruppersberger/1#.UAoDQI7B5UQ "Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers, R-Mich., a former FBI agent, said Bachmann's assertions about the Muslim Brotherhood's infiltration efforts are false. "That kind of assertion certainly doesn't comport with the Intelligence Committee, and I can say that on the record," he told USA TODAY, aligning himself with party leaders who have defended Abedin. "I have no information in my committee that would indicate that Huma is anything other than an American patriot.""
Karen Jourden October 19, 2012 at 06:52 PM
Susan you have no idea how sleeper cells work. They do it slowly and turn this country into what they want. The wars start after the people finally realize that their country is not the one it use to be. When they start forcing people into their beliefs. By that time they have enough of their people to destroy all that don't want their form of beliefs. I'm not saying Ellison is one or not but you need know how they work. I have been covering this issue in my blog. Sleeper cells work that way to get into the government, banking systems and businesses in order to use these facilities to manipulate the country and around the world to accomplished their goals. Islam has been recruiting people in our colleges and prisons. They have their worship services in our colleges. I know because they are in the college I graduated from. Look at the history and how they conquered the lands. I don't know how old you are but look how the infiltrated Lebanon and other countries. You need to get your head out of the sand.


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