Woodbury: Beware of Thin Ice on Battle Creek and Colby Lakes

This will be the first winter an aeration system will operate in Colby Lake.

Woodbury is reminding residents to beware of thin ice on Battle Creek and Colby lakes.

The city has aeration systems in place to oxygenate the water in the lakes, part of an effort to keep fish alive during winter.

Open water and thin ice may be found throughout winter on the two Woodbury lakes, according to a release from the city.

“The lakes were selected for aeration because of their shallow depth results in low oxygen levels,” reads the release. “All neighboring residents and recreational users of Battle Creek and Colby Lakes should note the location of the aeration systems and stay clear of the area posted for thin ice.”

This is the first winter an aeration system will in place in Colby Lake. The system will be located in the southeast part of the lake, near Edgewater Park.

On Battle Creek Lake, the city has had an aeration system in place for more than 20 years. It is operated in the north central part of the lake—near the end of Edgewood Avenue and adjacent to the public access area in Shawnee Park.


The city will post reflective “Danger—Thin Ice” signs at the perimeter of the aeration systems, which are expected to be turned on in January and remain in operation until the ice is out.

For more information, call the Woodbury Parks Division at 651-714-3720. 


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