Woodbury City Council Appoints New Police Sergeant, Assistant City Engineer (Recap)

Alana Kopel is the Woodbury Police Department's new patrol sergeant.

Woodbury City Council assembled Wednesday night for an unusually brisk public meeting to approve a number of agenda items and to hear from the city administrator.

With no one speaking during the open forum section, the meeting moved to a vote on the consent agenda. All 14 items on the agenda were approved unanimously by the four members present. 

Among the enacted resolutions were:

  • Appointment of Officer Alana Kopel to the position of Woodbury police patrol sergeant.
  • Creation of an assistant city engineer position appointed to Paul Kauppi.
  • Selection of consultants for the Bailey Lakes and Dancing Waters additions.
  • Acceptance of grant money from the Department of Justice’s Bulletproof Vest Partnership program. 

The council then heard from City Administrator Clinton Gridley, who in his report gave an update on the garage added to the recently expanded Public Safety building. 

During 2012, the first full year of the garage’s existence, fuel consumption by the city’s fleet of public safety vehicles dropped 16.1 percent compared to the last full year without the garage, Gridley said. It also means higher trade-in value and lower repair costs to vehicles.

“We are very happy and pleased to see those results,” Gridley said. “It doesn’t pay for the garage, but it’s an added benefit.” 

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned after a little more than six minutes.

“It is certainly an anomaly that we would meet for less than 10 minutes,” Mayor Pro-Tem Paul Rebholz said as the meeting came to a close. “But such is February 13 of 2013.” 

Video of the meeting and a copy of the agenda can be viewed on the South Washington County Telecommunications Commission website.


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