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The fun never ends. :)


Journal Entry:  December 20, 2012

I kind of like writing in the journal.  Not sure if anyone is even reading it since I have not received any comments, suggestions, etc.  However, I find this soothing.  I can vent through words onto the computer, go back and reflect on things that work, don’t work, etc.  I can even tell the difference of my moods just by the tone of my blogs.  Some are happier than others.  I may continue my journaling even after this months segment.  I will label it on my blog “Daily Journal” and it will contain whatever I feel like writing about and it may not make any sense or have any meaning; just me babbling.

Taking a moment to realize the things that appear to be working.  The reason: I got into an argument with Mr. Man last night about something I didn’t even realize was bothering.  Mr. Man has been working long hours to get Upscale Quest Networks NP up and running full scale.  I am OK with him doing this, but when he comes home I would expect that his focus would be on our home life.  Instead, he is on the phone with the very same people he is with all day long.  At 11pm you would think office hours would end.  If I would be on Facebook, Pinterest, writing my blog or researching on Acenstry.com and not paying attention to him, I would hear the biggest tantrum in the history of adults.

Side note: I designed the webpage.  I am so proud of myself.  http://upscalequestmn.com/

I am proud of myself that I did not lash out with hurtful words and kept my hands to myself.  It means the medication I am on is taking the edge off and keeping me from going into a rage.  I spoke my thoughts and feeling loudly.  Of course, he doesn’t see what he is doing and I feel very disrespected by it.  Even though we have promised ourselves we would not work on the weekends, he has been at the office on those days as well.  It always seems to be something and we don’t have the quality time that a relationship/family needs.  Until are argument last night, I didn’t realize just how much it was bothering me.

Today I still had an attitude: means I don’t speak or acknowledge your presence.  My mother always said if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything.  Even though my shoulder was cold, I did not lash out and still sent him to the office with a kiss.  We are not promised the next minute and anything could happen.  If this was destined to be my last memory, I don’t want it to be a bad one.

Now that I have that off my chest, next subject.

This morning the tablet almost got me.  In a way it did because I didn’t get up as early as I was going too.  I was going to get up an extra hour early because I had no idea what the roads were going to be like this morning.  My kitty heard the alarm and instantly decided to be a brat.

We have the drawers under our bed.  Little Diva decided to go under the bed, crawl into the drawer, and play with my DIY papers I keep in that drawer.  I open the drawer and scoop her out.  The little turkey did it again!  She finally got the hint that maybe it wasn’t such a great idea to crawl in the drawer and chew mommy’s papers.  Instead, she decided she would tramp across me, shover her nose into my face, purr and demand to be petted. 

My son told me last night that he didn’t want to get up early with me so he was going to catch a ride with a friend (we don’t live in the school district anymore, so he requires a ride) and go to Caribou.  My step-son likes to get up and go; he takes a shower the night before just in case we are running late, so he said to wake him up after I got dressed.  I go to wake him up and guess who else is still in the bed?  My son didn’t set/wakeup to his alarm. 

I got up to get ready for nothing.  He was too late to catch his planned ride and I would now have to take him.  Wouldn’t be so bad, but he doesn’t get ready fast.  While I was out helping Mr. Man get the hood of the van open, he should have been in the shower and getting ready.  Guess what?  He was still deciding what to wear when I came back into the house.  Really.

Then on the way to school we had a moment of shock.  A man appeared to have avoided hitting the SUV in front of him.  How?  He drove over the curb, across the sidewalk, up the retaining wall and into the electrical structure.  The good Samaritan that I am, I went back to offer him a ride after dropping of the kids.  However, another good Samaritan in front of me beat me to the punch.  It is OK, I at least made the call and took a picture of the scene.

My mood has improved greatly since writing what is on my mind.  Now I am at work attempting to stay focused.  That isn’t working real well, so I am avoiding distractions: blogging, Facebook, and co-workers.  Have a lot to do and it is a short day as I have to bring my son in for a medication follow-up.  The fun never ends.

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