Cherished Moments: Discovered Playtime

I had forgotten how much fun it is to simply play.

Journal Entry: December 30, 2012

I had a wonderful evening with the grandchildren. Their exuberance was a little overwhelming, so we played a game: Whoever can be quietest longest gets candy.

It was a tie so we all went to the store and got candy. :)

I woke up to the wonderful sound of screaming and yelling this morning. This immediately put a smile on my face. It tells me that they were being considerate of my need to sleep and were playing nicely until that moment.

  • Kailey: Anthony stop! You keep stepping on my hair.
  • Anthony: I am just trying to get over you.
  • Kailey: Do you want me to throw these at you?
  • Anthony: Go ahead.
  • Kailey: How did that feel?
  • Anthony: Not good. I am telling grandma.
  • I laid there just waiting to see what would happen.
  • Anthony: Grandma, Kailey threw these at me and they are all over the floor and walls.
  • He opened his hand to show me malted milk balls they were given last night.
  • Grandma: I heard everything Anthony. Kailey, pick up your candy.
  • Kailey: Anthony you are disgusting. You find candy on the floor and eat it.


I love these children to pieces.

Knowing it is now time to get up and occupy these two, I went straight to the livingroom and played. something in me just clicked this morning to turn this moment into a great opportunity to just simply play with the kids.

I proceeded to tickle Anthony, then Kailey. When I noticed the Full Monty was on the television I switched it to War Horse (awesome movie) and the kids were immediately glued to the television for a whole 15 minutes. They have a love of animals.

Then Anthony attempted to "break" Kailey's Barbie beach house which started a little war. He just wants his sister to play with him. So, I chased the two of them around the livingroom on my hands and knees. I am surprised my morning crabby-patty son didn't come up to complain about the noise. Not that I would care at the moment - would probably invite him to join us.

We are going to continue playtime, then food and bath time until the 4:00pm showing of Jack Reacher at the Woodbury 10 Theatre. I hope the movie is as good as it looks. Need action and car racing to keep these two glued to the big screen. I kind of want to take Kailey for a mani/pedi, but it is simply too cold to be out running around. Plus, they both want to play with their toys from Christmas.

Grandpa has been running in and out of the house too. He is attempting to fix the van: needs a new battery and starter. He even came in the house to switch jackets. So, we know it is cold out because he LOVES winter.

The children are playing Space Angry Birds on my Samsung Galaxy tablet, so I snuck to the computer to start my blogpost - if I don't I will forget the details of our awesome moments. They both come in the room, "Grandma, what are you doing?" Too cute. Kailey just wants me to be present in the same room as her. Anthony just follows anyone who is walking in the house.

Thinking we should just get dressed and go to iHop. As soon as I mention this Kailey said, "I want to go to Burger King." Guess we are going to get dressed and go to Burger King. The one by our home has a playland. :)

I did my usual or unusual multi-tasking: laundry, cleaned kitchen, made juice, picked up house, bathed children, made bed, started laundry, and wrote this blog all at the same time. One thing about mental health issues, I get a little of a lot done all at once.

Of course it has it drawbacks also. For example: Mr. Man asked me to get the baking soda so he could use it on his teeth. I walk to the kitchen and get myself a glass of orange juice - the walk made me thirsty - and came back to the room. He said, "What happened to the baking soda? Did you really forget that fast?" Of course I did, what's so new about that? At least I was kind enough to go back to the kitchen and get it.

My son actually woke up and wasn't crabby! He had a cheery smile on his face and gave me a hug. :) That little show of affection is enough to boost me through the day. We even played in the kitchen with a slinky. Mr. Tough Guy had to giggle with a slinky dangling in his face and me singing: It's a slinky. A slinky. A fun and wonderful toy. A slinky. A slinky, made for a girl and a boy. Now I may have to go by some slinky's to play with around the house.

Kids are ready to go unleash their energy on the Burger King Playland. Wish us luck!

OMG! The movie Jack Reacher did not catch their attention as I had hoped. Anthony spent more time observing the people behind us than he did the movie screen. Kailey wasn't as bad, but the two of them kept egging each other on. No, the movie was not that dull. It wasn't fantastic, but it was entertaining. Just not for the two young ones...

Their mom picked them up right after the movie. Mario had to go to the office. James left with his friends. I have the entire house to myself. Going to take a few moments to collect my thoughts, read a book and have my batteries recharged for tomorrow.

All in all, it has been a great day.

Have you recently had a splurge of energy to roll around and play with your kids or grandkids? If not, try it. It was so much fun to let everything fall to the wayside and just have fun.

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