Cherished Moments: Lightbulb

Knock, knock puddin' head.

Journal Entry:  December 26, 2012

I swear I could have slept the day away again today.  I am still dragging.  Is it depression or exhaustion?  I am going to opt for exhaustion because I still got out of bed and started my day with a visit to Mary, my clinical nurse. 

What do you think the first thing I seen today; not including Mr. Man?  Yep, Little Miss Naughty Maker Samia.  She was knocking the decorative balls off the Christmas tree and chasing them around the house.  She didn't even bother to attempt to play innocent!

Mary seemed a little down herself today; I am not the only one with issues.  She wanted to tweak my medications a little after I explained the holidays.  I told her I am OK on the current dosage until after the psychological testing is complete.  I would like to make sure I am on the right medication before we play with dosage.  So, we will see what the next 6 weeks brings.  Hopefully, not another mental breakdown as I am just catching up financially from the last one.

I made it to work in no time, no traffic  :).   I only mention this because you know something is not going to go right at some point.  I get to the gate and pull out the garage door opener and wondered why the gate wasn't going up.  I sat for about a minute pushing the button until I realized the garage door opener opens the garage door at home, not the gate at work.  Lightbulb became brighter and I swyped my badge.  Yes, I had a moment.  Maybe I should have let her tweak the medication.

Now I am sitting here at my desk with tons of work to do as I am filling in for another person as well.  Breaking it up in segments so I don't get overwhelmed.  I plan on working as long as I need to to get everything done.  Once small file at a time.

It is already 4:30 and I am only 1/2 through the assignments for today.  I am not worried, panicked or stressed.  Have found that I do not mind working a little longer today.  Maybe it has to do with the day off yesterday and the rest I received.  Or, maybe I am turning back into my old self that LOVED working longer hours.  More money = shoes. lol  It will be interesting to see if this is a permanent change or a fluke.

6:30pm and I am still motivated to work.  It is AMAZING!  Of course, I did forget to bring the Turkey Soup I made for today and am hungry.  So, I am going to enjoy a cup of hot cocoa and hope it kills the hunger pains until I get home.  Really trying to stay away from the vending machine and to maintain my concentration.  I have been doing really good with staying focused today.

OMG!  That drink was so sweet and chocolatey that I can't move!  Yes, I am good and sugared up until it is time to go home and have some turkey soup and make some juice for tomorrow.   Need to get back to my daily schedule of taking care of me through the things I can control: diet and exercise.

Now that the holidays are over, how do you recharge your batteries?

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