Cherished Moments: Rejuvenation

Our bodies need rest in order to restore our functions.

Journal Entry:  December 25, 2012

OMG, I am so exhausted.  I didn't get to bed until 3am and now Mr. Man is attempting to wake me up since he is on his way back to the office.  Really want to punch him in the face.

As soon as he left I rolled back over and went to sleep.  When I woke up it was 10:30am.  My back and feet hurt from standing so much and my hands were killing me.  Darn potatoes.  So, can you guess what I did?  Absolutely nothing.  Samia and I went back to bed.

I finally made my presence known at 3:30pm.  I called Mr. Man and asked him when he was coming home since it was Christmas and I would like to spend time with him.  Then text my child to see where he disappeared too.At first I enjoyed the peace and quiet.  Well, almost quiet since I had Samia talking to me and purring away.  Man, I love her.  The next thing I know I was getting choked up and even Samia couldn't help me.  I called Mr. Man again and text James.  Told them I was about to start crying if someone didn't come home and spend time with me on Christmas.

Mr. Man came home at 5:30p and we heated up the left overs.  I even got productive and made turkey soup.  We shared small talk, he took out the trash, and the next thing I know he was headed back to the office.  I was not happy.  Hello???  It is Christmas and none of us are together for the holiday.  Is that even normal?  I know next year I better have some plans in place.

Yes, I was seething but couldn't be mad at no one but myself.  I wanted to sleep in and didn't voice that I wanted to do something for Christmas.  I guess the family figured we already did dinner and presents, so today was just a normal day.

I shook off my funky mood with Facebook, Pinterest, nap and pet the kitty.  When Mr. Man came back home, we talked and went to sleep.  Yes, I got plenty of rest.

How do you handle disappointment?

You may joke about my sleeping habits, especially my joy of meditating the morning away.  However, there has been research done on the restorative function of sleep.

What is Restorative Sleep?

Many people recognize that sleep is important to health. Our bodies need to sleep in order to perform rejuvenating functions like muscle growth, protein syntheses, tissue repair and even learning new things.  The sleep phases when our bodies and minds undergo the most renewal (Deep and REM sleep) are collectively referred as Restoration Sleep.





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