Juicing Experience: Day 28

Lookout, I may actually be in a bathing suit this year. lol

Day 28. Amazing.

I returned to work after a one month medical leave. I really thought it would be hard to “juice” again with smelling everyone’s lunch. So, I had started my day with a cup of oatmeal to add a little weight on my stomach.

To my amazement there was several changes made in my absence: no more using your desk as a break room. I did not smell amazing hamburgers

On that note, I prepared my juice the night before so I wouldn’t be rushed in the morning and skip the juice process.

I started with two oranges, two apples, 5 celery. However, I realized that would be great for a breakfast, but needed to make enough for a lunch/snack so I added a handful of spinach and parsley for the added nutrients.

Since I am only work 4 hour days for a week, I just make another batch when I get home. Reminder: I juice most of the day and have one real meal. I am preparing for my juice fast/feast after Christmas.

A Facebook friend asked me how juicing impacts my grocery budget. Actually, is has reduced my grocery bill. You figure I am not preparing two meals per day. The cost of a piece of meat on average is $5. The average cost to buy a lunch is $5. Even cereal for breakfast is a couple bucks. I buy a bag of apples $5 and it lasts the majority of the week. I buy a bag of oranges, again lasts at least a week. Kale, spinach, celery, carrots, etc. do not cost that much.

I do not always buy organic due to the cost; I will on certain items if there is only a dollar difference. So, the option is to either cut off the skin and lose nutrients or soak them in vinegar water to remove the chemicals. I choose apple cider vinegar and water. I soak all vegetables and fruit for 15 minutes, rinse and dry.

Since I have decided permanently make juicing a way of life, I opted to grow an indoor garden. I will be self-sufficient one day and then you can really ask about the grocery bill.

I am very glad I made this change. My next endeavor will by DIY toiletries and cleaning supplies. I use to pay for convenience, but have found myself enjoying these projects. The kids like the garden and it is a topic of discussion. Also, we will be spending Sunday afternoons doing the DIY stuff together. My son has ADHD and loves to work with his hands (may be a famous chef one day) and he is looking forward to doing this project with me. Quality time under the guise of making things for the house.

We are just a few days away from Thanksgiving and the end of the “Juicing Experience” blog. I hope everyone has enjoyed the posts.

In the last 28 days I have had more energy, feel cleaner, give up my delicious lattes from Starbucks, and have lost 7 pounds. Even with pigging out on Oreos, Dominos, Chipotle and IHOP I still managed to lose weight. I can only imagine the improvements after a feast/fast and not cheating. Lookout, I may actually be in a bathing suit this year. lol

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