Duck vs. Rooster: Election 2012 at Primrose School of Woodbury

As part of a lesson plan on the electoral process, preschoolers on Friday voted for “presidential mascot” and what they wanted for an afternoon snack.

It was a hotly contested election in 2012… Percy the Rooster beat Billy the Duck by one vote. 

Friday’s vote for Primrose School of Woodbury’s "presidential mascot" was part of a lesson plan teaching children about the electoral process.

“We’re trying to explain the importance of voting and that responsibility of being part of a community,” said Tonya Holt, co-owner of Primrose.

The students, ages 3-5, also voted on what they wanted for their afternoon snack. Crackers and cheese won out over bananas and yogurt.

“They had bananas for breakfast this morning, so that might have had something to do with it,” Holt said.

Mayor Mary Giuliani Stephens, Sen. Ted Lillie and Rep. Andrea Kieffer were on hand to read Duck for President.

“It’s a good story for early childhood on how your voice can be heard,” Holt said.

Stephens said it was fun to see the children react to the vote—it was clear which students voted for which mascot or snack.

“I think they recognized the impact of voting for something,” she said.

The vote for presidential mascot also included a non-vote by a student, which provided an additional opportunity for teaching, and one student voted via Facebook for an “absentee ballot,” Holt said.

It was all part of the lesson of being involved in the community, Holt said, which will continue next week with a “can-a-thon.”

“We’re encouraging children to be civic-minded,” she said.


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