Rumors of Violence in Schools Unfounded, Says District 833

“There may be increased police presence as they help us to ensure safe learning environments,” according to a release from the district

South Washington County Schools on Friday posted a note on its website regarding rumors about violence in schools.

Below is the statement in full.

Schools in the district are working through rumors having to do with violence in our schools supposedly happening today. All rumors have been unfounded. After thorough follow through with our local police departments, we are confident that the schools will be safe today.

There may be increased police presence as they help us to ensure safe learning environments during this time of heightened awareness regarding school safety and security.

We appreciate the efforts of our community as you support safe, secure learning environments.

Following the shooting in Newtown, Conn., there was an increased police presence at schools in Woodbury this week.

On Tuesday, District 833 Superintendent Keith Jacobus also sent out a note responding to concerns about safety.


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Rhonda Fitzgerald December 21, 2012 at 04:19 PM
My stepson kept asking me if the world was really going to end. I told him "no" but that still didn't ease the anxiety he was feeling. I did add that it would be good to be cautious since there are many that truly believe that today is the end of the world. He really was stressed and would have stayed home today, but he has a basketball game this evening (dedicated to his sports). My son on the other hand, has severe stress/anxiety and is at home spending time with our pets. I wish people really knew how these rumors effect our kids. Even though they are listening to the logic of their parents, it doesn't mean that the seed of doubt has not been planted. The damage is already done. I applaud the Woodbury Police for making their presence known during this time. I am also thankful that there is at least one officer at the schools on a daily basis. Our children should not have to be victims to the actions of mentally unstable persons. It is terrible that they want to end the lives of young kids before taking their own.
Jer December 21, 2012 at 04:46 PM
My son had a bug out bag with supplies ready to somewhat survive if left alone. I applaud hisplanning, but it needs to involve additional critical thinking. He knows I plan for the worst hoping for the best. Media and current events did not fully support my efforts apparently. Thank you to all who serve the community at all levels.


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