Bookawocky, Beach Reads and Brainpower

Hey Woodbury! Share some summer reading plans in the comments section below.

It’s not too late! There are eight weeks of summer left. Still enough time to squeeze in some summer reading. Get those kiddos to flex their reading muscles too.

If you haven’t already, grab some fun reads for yourself and the youngsters for the dog days ahead. For kids to develop good reading habits, adults first need to incorporate a bit of reading into their own daily lives. Read the newspaper, Patch, a magazine, a novel.

According to a recent story in The Atlantic, American adults spend, on average, 2.7 hours per day watching television and only 18 minutes reading. That means it would take nine average days of reading to equal one typical day of watching TV.

We can’t complain about the amount of time young people spend in front of the tube unless we’re willing to click off that screen and read a bit ourselves.

It’s worth the investment. Studies show that reading for pleasure improves concentration, relieves stress, raises your spirits and helps develop empathy for other people. These positive effects seem opposite of whatever watching most television programming can do for your brain.

An article from O Magazine states that reading may also help you keep your memory sharp, your learning capacity nimble and your mind basically hardier as you age. Sounds worth the effort to me! Not to mention, reading is fun and well-read people are interesting. Usually.

Need incentive? Follow the Bookawocky format, a library summer reading program that encourages kids to log 20 hours of reading from June 5 through Aug. 18 to earn rewards and have their name displayed on the library’s “Wall of Fame.” Kids can start anytime. Just drop by for a Bookawocky reading card.

offers a similar summer reading program for kids. Read any eight books, complete the Barnes & Noble reading journal and return it to the store for a free book from the summer reading program selection.

Not a kid? You won’t qualify for any Bookawocky or Barnes & Noble reading rewards, but you’ll still benefit from setting some summer reading goals. How about one book a month? Or one a week? Join a book club. Start a book club. It doesn’t matter what you read.

Reading doesn’t have to be associated with learning or anything particularly highbrow. Read what brings you enjoyment and relaxation. Ignore my judgmental expression if I scoff at your dog-eared copy of Fifty Shades of Grey. I make that same face whenever women swoon about seeing the movie Magic Mike.

I’m a book snob. And maybe a bit of a film snob. (Although I did see Rock of Ages, so like I said, ignore me. Except when I tell you to click off the television and pick up a book.)

Share some summer reading goals in the comments.

Tell Woodbury Patch readers which books are hot this summer. What you’re reading. What you hope to read. Books you love. And may our combined beach reads increase Woodbury’s brainpower!


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