Woodbury Middle School: Last Day Revenge and a Fundraiser for the Humane Society

Students got to see their teachers hit the water in a dunk tank as part of a last-day-of-school event that celebrated an inaugural fundraiser.

Is there a better way to spend the last day of school than watering down your principal in a dunk tank?

students got the chance Wednesday as part of an event that also celebrated a fundraiser for the .

The hope is that this year’s event marks the beginning of an annual fundraiser, said Liz Kopacek, an eighth-grade teacher at Woodbury Middle School.

Students participated in “Penny Wars” to raise the funds and the total separating two teams was just 5 cents. More than $500 was raised, Kopacek said.

The students previously took the change in wagons over to the nearby to send it through the coin counter. “It’s kind of like you’re in Las Vegas,” said Terry Weber from the United Educators Credit Union (UECU).

The credit union contributed another $128 to the total, Weber said, part of a partnership between the school and UECU that provides support and volunteers.

“It’s just an opportunity for us to give back to the faculty and the students,” Weber said.

The school surveyed students about which group they’d like to raise funds for, and they came up with the Humane Society.

Taylor Nelson, 14, who will attend next year, said she voted for the Humane Society and has a friend who is passionate about fighting animal abuse.

“It’s just a good cause,” she said.

Wednesday was a great way to end the school year, Nelson said, with friendly competitions such as kickball and beanbag toss… and, of course, seeing teachers and Principal Kari Lopez in the dunk tank.

“I wanted to pull the lever on my principal, but all the teachers said no,” Nelson said.

Added Kopacek: “They had fun.”


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