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David is a 34 year old husband, father, and entrepreneur. He’s been working with computers in a wide variety of different capacities since he was 15 years old. From taking apart his first IBM desktop 386 running Windows 3.1, (the precursor to Windows 95) to exploring the early years of the world wide web. he has always been drawn to technology and how it works.
After high school David decided to take a break and be a part of something bigger than himself and served honorably in the U.S. Air Force as Military Policeman. With discipline, attention to detail and a stronger work ethic he attended college for computer networking to expand and sharpen his skills. After working in corporate IT and commercial support, David founded his own computer company which provides a better and more personal one on one experience the rest of the industry lacks.  Starting summer of 2011, Mr. Lutchen  has been hosting workshops and doing speaking engagements  on such topics as web development, social media and small business development.
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