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Woodbury resident since 1969 and have seen Woodbury grow from a farming community to the vibrant city it is today. With a family of veterans, I believe that together we can build a stronger Minnesota and America.
Education/Certifications:   Inver Hills Community College; AA Degree. 2006. MN. Transfer Curriculum.   University of Minnesota; College of Biological Sciences Studied Human Anatomy & Physiology Major w/ Minor in Psychology, 2007- 2009.   University of Minnesota; Medical school program. Studied Neurology / Neuroscience, 2007- 2009.    Metropolitan State University; College of Professional Studies Bachelor of Science in Education. Towards MN teacher licensures. 2009-2010. Praxis 1, 2, Biology, Life Science teaching, and Earth Sciences exams completed and passed..   Metropolitan State University; College of Science. Study in Biology.   William Mitchell College of Law;  Summer practice in Law.Studied tort, criminal and ethics law. 2010   Metropolitan State University; Minor in Practical Ethics. 2011   State of Minnesota; Licensed Contractor for State Bidding. Required Continuing education in Employment law, Accounting, etc…   Leadership Program; Inver Hills Community College. Graduate 2006.   American Red Cross; Certified CPR adult and Child, and first aid, all.  Awards/ Contributions:   All Minnesota Community Service award. 2006.   Woodbury City Council: Active contributor to discussion groups.   USA Today/ All Minnesota Academics Award: March 2006.   Dean’s/Provost  A List: 2006-2008 including Public Speaking courses.   Invited to attend Harvard ; School of Liberal Arts.   MN. State Office of Legal Professional Responsibility: Ethics inquiry contributor.   Vice President; Phi Theta Kappa, Inver Hills Community College, 2006.   Science Museum of Minnesota: Excellence in Science Award, 2006.   Woodbury City Council Candidate. 2010   Habitat for Humanity Volunteer: 1980-2000   Earth Day: Battle Creek Park Volunteer: 1995-2010   Woodbury Care Center Volunteer: Animal Therapy. 2006-2010   South Saint Paul Jaycees Volunteer: 1980-1995.   Government affairs board for Opportunity Partners, non-profit. 2010   Numerous scholarships and awards from other groups. Public health representative for Public Health Emergency Preparedness Advisory Board in Washington County, MN. Alumni Association; Inver Hills Community College.    
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