Woodbury’s Halloween House

One Woodbine Avenue home goes all out with its Halloween decorations.

“I love Halloween,” says Woodbury resident Annette Jakober.

That might be an understatement.

She and her husband Todd jam the yard of their Woodbine Avenue home full of Halloween decorations every year.

It’s the same Woodbury block that features plenty of decorations during the holiday season.

“We all just get into the spirit of it,” Jakober said.

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The Jakobers have been decorating their yard and home with Halloween ornaments since they moved to Woodbury about a decade ago. She said she doesn’t have a favorite, but “I like the bigger stuff.”

That’s evidenced by a giant six-foot-tall inflatable spider at their driveway.

They start decorating in early October, and it takes about 24 hours over the course of several days to set it all up, Jakober said. The couple has two grown children.

“They don’t help,” she said, “they just enjoy it.”

Some of the ornaments are scary—a “zombie baby” eating a hand in a crib—and others are simply jack-o-lanterns or things like a black inflatable cat in a witch’s hat.

The decorations, as of Thursday afternoon, weren’t complete—they still had to put out fake spider webs and fake blood. The couple adds new items every year, and Jakober was particularly excited to get some large bloody cardboard saw blades connected to their motors and set up.

As for storing all the decorations, the rafters in the garage are helpful, she said. “We need to build a shed.”

And while it’s all in fun, Jakober did say she had a thought when they saw the neighbors’ Christmas decorations when they first moved in.

“Oh, we’ve got some competition now,” she said.


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Kris Janisch October 26, 2012 at 03:48 PM
Thanks for adding the nighttime photos Annette! Looks awesome!


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