Major Makeover Complete At Woodbury Green Mill

The Woodbury restaurant has opened things up and completely remodeled the space.

Georgia Schellhaass was at the on Thursday to gather with some of her 3M coworkers.

“I was amazed when I walked in,” she said.

Green Mill has completed a major remodeling and reopened in early December 2011 after being closed since October last year.

Nearly every aspect of the restaurant has been updated, from the booths and entrance to the bar and patio.

Word has been spreading about the new “chic” space, said general manager Natasha Nelson.

“It’s just like getting a really nice facelift,” Nelson said. “And I think people have really been impressed. It’s a cool place to hang out.”

The space is brighter and more modern, said manager Lisa Maldonado.

“We wanted a more open feel to the restaurant,” she said.

Also new are the employees: Green Mill had all workers reapply for their jobs when it closed and two staff members have returned.

“We went with what felt right,” Nelson said.

Outside of some social media chatter, Green Mill hasn’t done much to promote the reopening, but news of the revamped space has been spreading via word of mouth, Nelson said. She said sales are up at least 20 percent from this point last year.

“It’s insanely different,” Nelson said.

The changes also include more community outreach, such as upcoming make-your-own pizza events for kids.

The updates have brought in more happy hour customers looking to check out the new televisions and drink specials, Nelson said. On Friday nights or during big games at Green Mill, “It’s crazy,” she said.

The former space was a bit drab, she said, and “a lot of people were hesitant to come back.”

“But when they do, it’s like: ‘Wow,’” Nelson said.

And while the menu has also been updated, one thing that hasn’t changed is the pizza recipe.

“And it probably never will,” Nelson said.


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