Maximizing New Year’s Resolutions In Woodbury

About half the people who came into the Max Muscle in Woodbury on Monday said they made a New Year’s resolution to get in shape.

If you’re into making New Year’s resolutions, here’s one that’s probably made the list at one time or another: get in shape.

That was reflected Monday at in Woodbury—about half the people who came in said they had made a resolution to get fit.

“Yesterday was really busy,” Ted Dehmlow, co-owner of Max Muscle, said Tuesday afternoon.

According to a USA.gov list of 13 popular New Year’s resolutions, three were related to weight loss.

But at Max Muscle, folks started coming in during December to find ways to battle the bulge, said Don Dehmlow, co-owner of the Woodbury franchise.

People are generally more active during summer months, Don said, and look for a little help when winter hits—and resolutions play a part in that.

“You’re going to have a lot of people gung-ho in here in January,” he said. “But by March the gyms are empty.”

Those who came into Max Muscle on Monday with an eye toward a keeping their resolution spanned the fitness spectrum, Don said. Workers at the Woodbury store typically ask customers about their current diet (both Don and Tom are certified nutrition coaches) and exercise, and find a program or supplements that will work for them.

Max Muscle stresses the basics when it comes to fitness: a healthy lifestyle coupled with a good diet and exercise.

But Don had one piece of advice for those taking the plunge for a healthy 2012.

“Be obsessed,” he said. “That’s how you really have to do it.”


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