Roosters Barbershop Coming to Woodbury

The men’s grooming center is set to open at the former Blockbuster site in September.

The transformation of the off Valley Creek Road in Woodbury won’t end with .

Roosters Men’s Grooming Center plans to open at the location this fall, joining the frozen-yogurt chain.

Patch asked Brian Thomas, in the marketing department with Regis Corp., parent company of Roosters, what people can expect from the new barbershop.

Woodbury Patch: What is Roosters?

Brian Thomas: Roosters is full-service grooming center committed to the best in men’s personal grooming. It's for men who want an authentic barber experience with a modern twist.

Patch: When/where do you plan to open in Woodbury?

Thomas: Planning for opening Sept. 12 in the space at 1960 Donegal Drive in Woodbury. 

Patch: What services do you offer?

Thomas: Haircuts, head shaves, neck trims, facial shaves, beard trim, color highlighting and gray blending

Patch: Is it just for men?

Thomas: Definitely gear toward men and boys. A woman would probably not be interested in services for themselves at Roosters Men's Grooming Center.

Patch: What separates Roosters from other barbershops?

Thomas: The atmosphere is different than other barbershops. It is very upscale with rich wood finishing and staff that understand what men are looking for and how to deliver more than what is expected.

Patch: Anything else you'd like to add?

Thomas: Men in Woodbury are going to love coming to Roosters Men's Grooming Center because it caters to men. They aren't going to feel like they are at their wife's or girlfriend's hair salon. It's a quality customer experience that starts from the moment they walk in the door until they check out and leave.


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Rob June 15, 2012 at 05:46 PM
First the "Barbershop" in Tamarack, then Pro Cuts and now this? Guess the men are going to have almost as many choices as the women.
Kris Janisch June 15, 2012 at 08:18 PM
I actually go to the Barbershop. Never gotten a shave there. (Usually do in the mornings anyway.) Do they do that?
Kris Janisch October 05, 2012 at 09:03 PM
Saw the Bulletin report that this place is opening Oct. 15.


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