Change for Daylight Saving, Voter ID Plea, Political Contributions: Best of the Blogs

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Seeing Red

Those Ted Lillie signs have me seeing red. (Frederick Hess)


Unleash Your Inner Ghoul

Leave the modern world behind. (Margaret Wachholz)

More Hours and More Books!

County commissioners found money for more hours at the Library... and Library Partners has raised enough money for more books! (Ken Stone)


Juicing Experience: Days 12 & 13 

Made an awesome combination of fruit and vegetables. I drank almost the whole carafe by myself; again. (Rhonda Fitzgerald)

Builders have restored confidence and price rebounds are helping more homeowners out from underwater than you might think. (Matthew Johnson)

Free Hands-Only CPR Training at Tropical Ballroom

Woodbury is nearing its goal of training 7,000 people. (Tricia Wood)

Colby Lake Neighborhood Half Way to Clean

Altogether, 12 raingardens have been built in the neighborhood this year, and another 13 will be installed next spring. (Angie Hong)


Juicing Experience: Day 14

Today was a breeze. I am thinking my stomach was grateful for the healthy juice versus the overdose of Oreo cookies. (Rhonda Fitzgerald)

Cash for Gold Event

Madison Claire Foundation Gold Buying Event—sell your gold to put money in your pocket with proceeds benefiting the Madison Claire Foundation. This event is sponsored by Jayandee Services. (Dana Millington)

The Concept of 'Union' As I Knew and Know It

Republican political literature and rhetoric seems to have a strong anti-union emphasis. My career was as a union representative. Here are some thoughts. (Dick Bernard)


Deirdre of the Sorrows

"People will not look forward to posterity who never look backward to their ancestors." Light a candle for your departed loved ones today. (Margaret Wachholz)

Fearsome Fundraising Prowess

The $2 billion war chest has been collected… and BLOWN! (Margaret Wachholz)


Juicing Experience: Day 15 & 16

I could have juiced the whole day away. (Rhonda Fitzgerald)

The Voter ID Constitutional Amendment: Committing Personal Suicide With Your Right to Vote

The Vote Yes on the Constitutional Amendments campaigns prey on people who think only in the present and about themselves. These same people have by far the most to lose, long-term. (Dick Bernard)

A Photo Glimpse of Fall Festival Fun

Almost 900 people attended the annual Fall Festival at King of Kings Lutheran Church. (Penny Merritt)

Time Change = Perfect Time For Change

While the clocks turn back, it's a great time to get moving on some goals or changes for the season. Here's some helpful tips on getting motivated before the winter blues set in! (Bridget Hammond)


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