Playground for Disabled Kids, Same-Sex Marriage, Juice is Loose: Best of the Blogs

The latest from Woodbury Patch’s Local Voices.

Here are this week’s blog posts—plenty of political chatter, but also posts about music and an upcoming ladies’ night out event. If you're interested in joining our Local Voices roll, email kris.janisch@patch.com.


Armageddon Avoided

Simple solutions to 17 trillion problems. (Margaret Wachholz)

Saturday Night Fever: Come Out and Boogie for the Madison Claire Foundation

Come out and boogie with the best 70s band around, Boogie Wonderland, and support a great cause! (Dana Millington)


Your Family's Fire Escape Route

Must have tools and fire escape routes in the event of a fire! (Caleb Brunz)

Be Still and Know That I Am

It took me a very long time to understand the meaning of this phrase and right now, it is the most important statement in my life. (Jasna Burza)


Juicing Experience: Day 1

Day one is already off to a rough start. (Rhonda Fitzgerald)

I grew up in Bosnia during the war and it seems that now, I am able to share my story and talk about resilience, my favorite topic in the world. (Jasna Burza)

Ladies' Night Out in Woodbury: What You'll Find

Here’s a sampling of some of the gifts (for others or yourself) that will be on sale at the benefit from 6 to 9 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 8, at Prestwick Golf Club. (Patty Busse)


Juicing Experience: Day 2

I was ready with the Ninja. That baby ripped through the fruits and vegetables without a problem. (Rhonda Fitzgerald)

I think a lot about American politics, as a "moderate pragmatic Democrat.” Here are brief thoughts with links on upcoming Election 2012. (Dick Bernard)

Same-Sex Marriage: It’s Not Harmless

Evidence that same sex marriage is far from "harmless.” (Thomas St Martin)


Juicing Experience: Day 3

Day 3 and we are off with a bang! Literally. (Rhonda Fitzgerald)


Juicing Experience: Day 4

Darn Mario and his predictions! (Rhonda Fitzgerald)

Our Stretch of the Mississippi River: Report Details Good and Bad

So, is it safe to swim in the river? The answer is: it depends. (Angie Hong)

Piano Soloist as Orchestra Conductor

EMSO Music Director steps down from the podium to perform Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 23 in A Major, leading the orchestra from the keyboard in this chamber-like performance (by Elizabeth Prielozny Barnes). (EMSO Insider)


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Dan Mathews October 21, 2012 at 03:54 AM
Gas prices in Woodbury are up to thirty cents more per gallon than other locations around the twin cities? Are we being charged more because we live in Woodbury? Why are gas prices higher here?


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