Rewind: Running Man, Bielenberg Video, Voting Opens

A look back at the week’s news in Woodbury.

In case you missed some of the week’s top stories, here’s a recap.


You nominated your favorites, now it’s time to vote!

Whose skills from when there were 6 are still intact?


Angela’s columns have generated some good discussion of late. Where do you stand on paper vs. plastic vs. reusable grocery bags?

An old-school post here with info about Woodbury dating to 1873.


The headline kind of says it all.

Got word that the antenna power will be more than triple what was initially expected. The station should be on the air within six months.

Filing period opens this week. Paul Rebholz is in. If you plan on running for Woodbury City Council this fall, give me a call: 651-269-2432. (Amy Scoggins is also running again; a link to an earlier story on her is in this article.)

Cool video here of what the new Bieleneberg Sports Center will look like.


Some chatter about the plans for the outdoor rink on this story.

Do the roads in your neighborhood need fixing? See if they’re part of the city’s proposed five-year roadwork schedule.

The and is now open.


The reaction on our Facebook page to this one was pretty good. Plus some neat info on how roads in Woodbury got their names.

This marks No. 3 in the frozen treat game to come to town in recent months.


One nugget: Police were called to the 2900 block of Meadow Brook Bay on a report of a possible prowler who pulled into the driveway, ran across the lawn and tried to enter a home. Officers learned it was a newspaper delivery person.

Another robust list as the summer housing market seems to be gaining steam.

Bonus 5:


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