School Starts, Hall of Famers, Hostage Standoff Detailed: Woodbury Rewind

A look back at the news of the week in Woodbury.

In case you missed some of this week’s top stories, here’s a recap.


Marking the unofficial end of summer with the finals of our photo contest. Have you voted for your favorite?

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We got some more details about the hostage standoff at the Red Roof Inn.  

If you have back to school photos that you’d like to share, add them to this post.

This was another popular column from Angela Johnson. How do you choose which school is best for your youngster?


A few people contacted me about these guys, so I went over and got the scoop.

Pretty cool that the city has created new positions on the Parks and Recreation Commission solely for high school students. Why isn’t everyone pumped about this?


People kept asking about this, so I asked the city.

Thoughts go out to the family of Vikrant Kole.

Just cut it out. Let people show their support.


You’ve got to love technology sometimes.

Sounds like this guy was pretty beat up.


One nugget: A resident at the 8200 block of Enclave Road called police to report a possible prowler on his back porch. As officers arrived the man found it was an inflatable dog tied to the porch, and his trees and bushes were toilet-papered. The man explained that his birthday was the next day and his friends had pranked him “quite successfully.”

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Bonus 5:


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