Letter: Commissioner Lisa Weik is a ‘Champion for County Taxpayers’

Woodbury resident Tom Spencer says a vote for Lisa Weik is “a no brainer.”

My wife Michele and I have raised four children while living in Woodbury since 1992. As election time approaches every two years, we make a mental list of the things we believe would make Woodbury a better place in which to live. We then compare our list with the public statements of candidates for various city and county elections.

In this year’s election cycle, Nancy Remakel, who is challenging Lisa Weik the incumbent Washington County commissioner in District 5, has stated that she would raise county taxes to develop public transit along the I-94 corridor and to improve the county library system. These initiatives, according to Ms. Remakle, would help to stimulate economic development within the county. (Editor’s note: Remakel told Patch she never said she would raise county taxes to develop public transit along the I-94 corridor, but would have to keep libraries open.)

Sadly, the most devastating economic loss for Washington County over the past seven years was the closure of State Farm’s Woodbury operations and the 1,500 jobs that went with it. During that same period, Ms. Remakle, while serving as a member of the Woodbury City Council and the Woodbury Planning Commission, has failed to advance even one idea that would result in the development of the still-shackled State Farm complex.

Meanwhile, Lisa Weik has proven to be a champion for county taxpayers by consistently prioritizing spending in favor of improvements to core services like public safety, increased capacity on roads and bridges and helping the most vulnerable in our community.  

During Ms. Weik’s four-year tenure as commissioner, Washington County operating costs and expenses have held steady as the county received two AAA bond ratings and grew in population.

Given the public record of both candidates, a vote for Lisa Weik is, as our kids like to say, “a no brainer.”

—Tom Spencer, Woodbury


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Washington County Watchdog October 18, 2012 at 11:15 AM
Wow, rave review. She is not a watchdog for tax payers at all. As a WC resident who regularly attends the County Commissioner meetings I've yet to see a proposed spending initiative she hasn't voted yes for. Whether it's to continue the 37% tax on garbage to subsidize RRT to sort through and send out garbage to be burned even though they refuse to show us their books or it's another million dollars to research the red rock and gateway corridor. Even though the Rush line corridor in WC is unpopular (average 50 riders a day... was expected to have over 200!). Yes we have lower taxes compared to the other metro counties, but that's nothing to brag about. Notice the State Farm building is still vacant? That's because business property taxes are half in wisconsin compared to Washington county! She's part of the 3 to 2 majority that's increased the debt in WC by 30% in the last few years to $157,000,000... taxes are bound to go up. We have the third highest debt out of the 70 some counties in MN... Ramsey county has this much debt, but they have 3x the population.... no matter what way you look at it we're heading down the wrong path.


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